GTA: Most Notorious Characters in the Series

GTA Most Notorious Characters in the Series

When the talk is about evil characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, there is no shortage of them. Going beyond being everyday criminals who walk with a gun, these rogues are back-stabbers, bullies, and connivers who will leave no stone unturned when it comes to pleasing their uncaring behaviour. Not to mention, these are despicable human beings in the Grand Theft Auto arena, and this is the case only when we are putting it forward in mild words. Moving ahead, the real trilogy is famous for its colourful characters, and that further spills into the category of villains too. 

And when it comes to the protagonists, they might not be the nicest in the batch, but they for sure have some level of ethics and personal morals that they feel an obligation towards. On the other hand, these scoundrels will exploit or deceive anyone and everyone, as long as it means they are at an advantage – a characteristic that more often becomes a reason behind their eventual downfall. Looking for cheap GTA modded accounts for your weekend gaming marathons, give a chance to CSGOSmurfNinja! 

GTA : Most Corrupt Characters in the Trilogy

1. Officer Tenpenny

Officer Tenpenny

MCU Universe’s Nick Fury, aka, Samuel L. Jackson has brought to life this ever corrupt police officer: Tenpenny (with his voice), who is habitual of giving the series protagonist C.J. a world of trouble, non-stop. As a narcotics agent who has nothing to do with law enforcement, Tenpenny abuses his legal authority to harass gangs, receiving bribes from them in process, which leaves the people with wrong intentions in control of the Los Santos area. 

His wrong deeds just do not stop at that, as he shows no reluctance when it comes to getting rid of fellow law enforcement officers who are ready to report him to internal affairs. Not just stopping at that, he makes C.J. do his dirty work for him, in a full fledged disregard for the law. In search of legit GTA 5 modded accounts for your Xbox console, try legit GTA 5 modded accounts Xbox one on sale by CSGO Smurf Ninja! 

2. Catalina

A double-crosser who abuses both her attractive looks and evil intentions to forward his career. Being the lead antagonist of the 3rd game, she catapults the game’s core events by unregretfully shooting dead: Claude the protagonist. Not just stopping at that, Catalina shows allegiance only to her own interests, which is proven after she abandons C.J. post a crazy crime spree. 

Furthermore, apart from being this much of a dangerous Grand Theft Auto character, her reluctance to establish long lasting partnerships is the thing that leads to her end. Looking for prompt delivery of your modded accounts, try online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja!

3. Eddie Pulaski

Eddie Pulaski

When we are talking about Eddie, he is a corrupt Los Santos Police Department police officer from GTA: San Andreas, who has been assigned to the department’s Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums unit. He is a central character in the game famous (in a negative sense) for his aggressive and violent behaviour towards the game’s protagonist, Carl “CJ” Johnson, and other characters.

Furthermore, as the major antagonist in the game, you can hold Pulaski responsible for several unignorable events in the gameplay. Very much like Tenpenny, he is a law enforcement officer , both corrupt and ruthless at the same time, who can go to any lengths in order to retain both his power and control, namely engaging in antisocial activities and framing innocent citizens. Fed up with poor after sales support from your existing modded account seller, switch to CSGO Smurf Ninja

Going into the specifics of his character in detail, Eddie is a morally ambiguous cum complex character whom several other game characters, both despise and fear at the same time. On the contrary, despite all these bad qualities of his, he is a memorable character who brings both intrigue and depth to the game’s story. 

4. Lance Vance

Another one of Grand Theft Auto characters who is not a team player by habit, and aspires a separate world for himself, Lance is the 2nd in command in Vance Crime Family, with his sibling playing the mob boss. There is almost zero possibility for the gamers to see Lance fall prey to greed, but it is understood given Tommy’s rise to dominance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Additionally, always a bridesmaid, and never a bride, Lance begins to go crazy due to the widespread corruption and enters into a nefarious alliance with Tommy’s adversaries. Nobody has a liking for a backstabber! 

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, talking about evil characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, there are plenty of them. Not to mention, they are famous for leaving no stone unturned to make things turn in their favour. Last but not least, the list of most corrupt characters in the series.

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