Guardian Tales Best Heroes Tier List March 2023

Guardian Tales Best Heroes Tier List

The Guardian Tales tier list highlights the game’s best heroes based on their performance. Each hero in Guardian Tales is good at something, and which heroes you use will depend on your current game situation, goal, and progress.

Overall, you want to invest in the best heroes in the game who will provide you with the best value for your time and investment. The Guardian Tales tier list is especially important for free-to-play players who have a limited amount of resources to invest in heroes.

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Tier System and grades

Tier S – Overpowered
Tier A – Balanced
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
Tier C – Underpowered
Tier F – The Worst

Guardian Tales Tier List

Android Mk.99ASSA
Archangel GabrielBSSS
Aspiring Warrior CraigCFCF
Autonomous Android Mk.2BCCB
Battleball Girl RieFFFC
Chosen One’s Archpriestess VeronicaCACB
Dancing Archer TiniaCSBB
Dark Magician BethASCS
Demon Queen LilithSSCA
Desert Mercenary MarvinFFFF
Dimension Traveler CatherineFFFF
Divine Beast of Harvest MayreelSSAA
Dragon Avatar VishuvacBCCC
Dragon Knight ShapiraFFFF
Dragon Seeking Girl NevaFBFB
Dragon Talon Clan RanpangCFCF
Druid KannaCSCC
Drunken Swordmaster LynnSACA
Dual-personality Maid AmyFFFF
Eight-tailed Fox NariBSAB
Elemental of Christmas CarolABCB
Engineer MarianneFCFF
Executive Red Hood ArabelleBAAB
Exorcist MiyaFFAC
Fire Dragon GirgasFFFF
Flame Harpy ScintillaASCB
Flower Girl BariCBBB
Future KnightBASA
Future PrincessAFSC
God of Harvest KamaelS+S+S+S+
Goddess of War PlitviceBBCB
Goddess of Wealth EleanorCAAB
Golem Rider AlefCFFF
Grand Admiral MarinaBFBF
Grim Reaper HanaACCC
Ice Witch LupinaCACS
Idol Captain EvaCAAB
Innkeeper LoraineBFCC
Innuit Girl CocoFAFC
Knight Captain EvaFFFF
Knight Lady LapiceBCCS
Kung Fu Master Mei/FeiCFFF
Leaf Fairy AobaFCCC
Legendary Hero ErinaSFAC
Lifeguard YuzeBBCB
Mad Scientist GremoryFACC
Master Swordsman GourryBBCA
Mecha Warrior OghmaAFSF
Model Employee ParvatiACAC
Movie Star EugeneBCFC
Necromancer NoxiaSFSC
Nine-tailed Fox GaramCSAA
Noble Succubus BiancaBBBA
Pirate RachelFBCC
Priest XellosCFAC
Princess AishaFCFF
Red Hood ElviraFBCF
Robbers’ Killer LinaSASA
Santa’s Little Helper RueABBC
Scientist on the Beach SoheeABAB
Scientist SoheeFFFC
Scrivener LahnCBCF
Sniper HekateFCFF
Succubus Adventurer YuzeFFFF
Swindler Magician DolfFFFF
Swordsman AkayukiCACC
The Bound Child ClaraBBBB
The KnightCCFF
Trickster LucyAACC
Twin Fighter LaviFFFF
Twin Healer FaviFFFF
Vampire Girl KarinaFCCC
Warlord Mercenary OrcaCSCB
White BeastFFFF

About Guardian Tales Tier List

Guardian Tales tier list is created for end game but also can be used by new players. All heroes have been tested on high-end accounts in the best possible condition. The overall problem with the tier list is that it is impossible to create a perfect ranking of heroes because many factors, such as synergy, chances, etc.

As a result, each tier list is debatable, but keep in mind that the Guardian Tales tier list’s main goal is to outline and provide insight on the best possible heroes who will provide you with the most value over time.

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