Guilty Gear Strive Tier List: Best Characters 2024

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List Best Characters

Fighting games always have a slew of characters to try out and play. Guilty Gear Strive boasts 21 unique characters, each with its strengths. As with every game, the characters vary in potency. While no character in Guilty Gear Strive is bad, they do still get classed through tiers. That’s why we’ll go through Guilty Gear Strive best characters tier list.

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List

CharacterTier Rating
Sol BadguyS
Chipp ZanuffS
Leo WhitefangA
Axl LowB
Ky KiskeC
Millia RageC
Goldlewis DickinsonC
Happy ChaosC

S Tier

S Tier

Sol Badguy

The face of the game and a constantly strong pick, Sol deserves his place at the top. The quality of his kit hasn’t waned since its release. Some became even better as new characters took center stage across the game’s lifespan. 

Sol Badguy has quite a few tools in his arsenal of special moves. Gap closers, pressure tools, and perfect combo finishers are just cream on top for his impactful normals. In addition, Sol can use his super for cheap damage if things get dire and opportunities show up.

Chipp Zanuff

A controversial placement that will be entirely reliant on one question: Can you avoid being hit? Chipp is a speedy glass cannon with even more tools than Sol, answers to any situation, and an extra jump to boot. Despite his insane mix-up dropkick getting cut into, he’s still worth the S tier. But, of course, his minuscule health pool makes him most useful in the hands of an elusive and careful player.

A Tier


A representative of the A tier is Giovanna. Her speedy moves and incredible durability in green mode make her a force to be reckoned with. Letting Giovanna start doing her thing could see quite a few players lost on this character’s next move, resulting in fast losses. However, her kit lacks a few tools to push her into S tier.


The first DLC character on this list, Baiken, provides players with powerful slashes and range. Coupled with a few unique moves like the grappling hook, she excels at bringing opponents into an extremely dangerous range. If she gets some meter, get ready to avoid Baiken’s pistol shots, which will prove quite difficult due to their incredible area of effect.


Another DLC character, Testament, comes in with a huge range and tricky moves. Their control of the fight is quite tight, making it difficult to get close to Testament. They also have mobility in spades, complete with unorthodox ways of moving around. However, Testament has a slow start-up and recovery, which makes each wrong move hurt just that much more.

Leo Whitefang

Always being tossed between S and A tiers, Leo Whitefang is another solid character to go for. He is versatile due to his Brynhildt stance, which allows switch from defense and offense quickly. In this stance, Leo cannot block but gets a lot of available moves to mix up the opponent and even start combos. He isn’t defenseless, however, as Kahn-Schild can parry and reflect on demand.


The last character in the A tier is another DLC character, Bridget. Her yo-yo tricks make for a tricky and capable character. Despite an odd set of moves, Bridget is an all-rounder above everything else. The range, mobility, reversals, and combos of this character are worth the A tier, at the very least.

Her yo-yo moves will offer a lot of mid-range pressure, while special setups allow for powerful Oki plays. However, she’s still quite squishy, and her playstyle is more akin to that of Chipp than a tricky range-focused character like Axl Low. Letting an opponent get close will, more often than not, spell your doom.

B Tier

B Tier

Axl Low

Speaking of Axl, here he comes at the top of the B tier. The strengths of Axl lie in his oppressive toolkit, which uses long-range strikes to lock opponents from any actions. The key part of your offense will come in when the opponent makes the wrong approach, which can lead to some intense loops and high combo damage. 

As expected, his flaws come from slow recovery, especially if his attacks whiff. A single miss could result in opponents closing too much distance, making Axl’s life much harder. Due to lacking versatility of the higher tiers, he sticks firmly in B.


Mix-ups and pressure are the name of the game when playing Anji. With the ample ability to delay attacks, force opponents to block, and counter retaliation, he’ll be dancing across the field, keeping the opponent guessing.

Anji also has Autoguard, which allows him to enhance certain moves with invincibility frames. These frames can come in clutch for opening up opponents or catching otherwise safe moves. It can be applied to his key move, Fujin, for extra trickery and openings.

The key downside of Anji’s entire kit is the guessing game can come at you. Wrong choices can devastate pressure and offense alike, and while Anji is good at pressure, he is also vulnerable to it.


Ramlethal’s key feature is immediately apparent. Her massive swords can cover insane range to lock the opponent down. Although, this huge advantage is also Ramlethal’s greatest weakness.

Without the swords, half of her arsenal will be rendered much weaker. Knowing when to fire and when to hold is key to winning a fight. Due to this extra management and concerns that need to be taken into account consistently, she drops off by a few tiers despite all of her buttons being great.


The best grappler in all fighting games returns for another bout in Guilty Gear Strive. Potemkin is a very straightforward character whose game plan is squarely focused on his powerful Potemkin Buster. 

Landing even a single one can deal insane damage to his opponents, but that’s not all he has in store. With Potemkin Buster, this juggernaut also gets an array of tools that allow him to set it up. Complete with one of the most powerful anti-airs to prevent offense.

The downside is that Potemkin is extremely slow. Incapable of running, dashing, and having a very slow jump, Potemkin is forced to play around the opponents and capitalize on any close engagements.


The last member in the B tier is Zato-1. His position is especially shaky as the playstyle can be a bane of many players while posing zero issues for others. Zato-1 focuses on controlling his shadow, Eddie, to cause incredible havoc in a match. Constant attacks from every direction and Eddie’s large range make Zato an endurance test.

The test stops once he runs out of his Eddie meter. At this point, combating Zato-1 becomes much easier, with advised caution. If the tides of battle change, Zato-1 can find himself struggling to make a comeback.

C Tier

We won’t go over each character in the C tier separately. While each one is unique, with special toolkits that do wildly different things, they have one connecting factor. All of them are just slightly off in the potency of their moves or their applicability to make it higher. This doesn’t mean any of the characters are bad, just that they take more effort to achieve the results of higher tiers.

  • Ky Kiske
  • May
  • Faust
  • Millia Rage
  • Nagoriyuki
  • I-No
  • Goldlewis Dickinson
  • Jack-O’
  • Happy Chaos

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