Harvest Town Guide Tips and Tricks

Harvest Town Guide 

Are you an avid video game player? Then, we like you a lot! You spent your time playing different kinds of video games and were thoroughly enjoying yourself. After all, video games are quite entertaining and engaging. 

Have you run out of video game choices? Well, here’s some good news! In this article, we are going to introduce you to a new video game. 

Harvest Town is an interactive game with plenty of RPG features. Overall, the game is pretty simple. The main goal is to renovate your manor. With exciting features and simple storytelling, Harvest Town is a game that you will surely love. 

In this post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the game. At the end of this Harvest Town guide, you will be all set to play the game. 

What is Harvest Town All About? 

Don’t we all love a good story? Well, we have got a story for you! 

You are working in a foreign city. One day, nostalgia sets in. You long for your hometown, and you are missing everything that it had. You go to bed that night filled with regrets. You are thinking: If only I had lived there a little longer. 

The next morning, you’re in for a big surprise. You’re in your hometown! This is the basic premise of Harvest Town. You are in your hometown, and you can finally enjoy farm life. But first things first. You have a manor to repair. 

In Harvest Town, you meet characters, have engaging conversations, and do many other things. The game has plenty to offer. 

Unlike other games, Harvest Town doesn’t have targets that you constantly have to meet. You can set your own goals, play at your own pace, and explore to your heart’s content. 

Harvest Town Guide

Even though Harvest Town is a simple game, there are certain specifics that you need to know about. Dive right in and start learning! 

Characters, Conversations and Relationships 

One of the best things about Harvest Town is the wonderful characters you get to meet.  It is important to have conversations with them, as they can give you gifts and quests. These gifts and quests can be very helpful while building your manor. 

The characters are classed under three categories: Bachelors, Bachelorettes and Villagers. Additionally, special characters make appearances.

Your main goal is to get the characters to like you. If characters like you, they will give you quests to complete from time to time. Or, they might leave surprises in your gift box! You can get the characters to like you by giving them gifts. 

There is a bulletin board with every character’s preference. You can use that board to figure out what they like. You get extra points for giving them birthday gifts! 

Do you know what the best part is? You get to form relationships with the characters. If you spot a bachelor/bachelorette you really like, you can court them by giving gifts. Harvest Town even allows you to have a wedding, complete with a ring and suit! 

The Skills You Need to Master 

Apart from building your manor, there are other skills you need to master. The more skills you develop, the greater your progress. There are some very interesting skills waiting to be mastered, like: 

  • Fishing: You can catch plenty of fish in Harvest Town. As you would in real life, you need to catch the fish using baits. Depending on the type of fish you catch, you can use them for cooking or in a workshop. There are many wonderful locations for fishing, like Manor River, Beach and Town River. 
  • Logging: Felling trees can improve your vitality cap. Cutting trees will give you important items, like Wood, Mahogany, Caterpillar, Cockchafer and Hercules Beetle. Be careful not to cut too many trees. 
  • Mining: It’s simple. You mine ores. To develop this skill, you can mine copper ores, silver ores, gold ores, raw ruby ores, and so forth. 
  • Building: This skill is related to your manor. You can expand your manor by adding more buildings to it. To buy these buildings from the Carpenter, you need to have mastered the other skills. 
  • Decorating: You need to decorate your manor, of course. Decorating not just makes your manor look good, it also gives you prosperity. To buy decorations, you need coins and diamonds. 
  • Earning Money: While quests allow you to earn money, you can also earn money by delivering orders. You have places like The Stall that allow you to sell goods. You can also earn money by farming animals and increasing their fondness. 

There are other skills, like Breeding, Battle and Pickup, that you can learn as well. 

In Harvest Town jargon, the process of upgrading your manor is known as Collection. In addition to the skills, you need to know about potions, weapons, bombs and rings. 

Harvest Town Tips and Tricks 

Harvest Town Tips and Tricks 

Do you want to master this game quickly? Given below are a few tips and tricks to help you on your quest! 

  • Make a lot of friends. Gift them regularly and help them out in their manor. This will help you progress in the game. 
  • Focus on collecting coins. You need coins to help you build your manor. Complete your orders and collect daily rewards without fail. 
  • Your tools are indispensable in Harvest Town. Make sure that you are regularly upgrading your tools. 
  • Always, always make sure to save your progress. You don’t want to lose everything just because you forgot to press a button. 

Final Thoughts 

Harvest Town is a game that has it all, with plenty of scope for adventure. Places like the Bridge, the Ancient Mine and the Occult Cave are thrilling to explore. Like real-life, Harvest Town has seasons, weather, and birthdays. 

The Quests are beyond exciting. You have main quests and normal quests to complete. There are interesting shops to visit, like the Bar, Fishing Shop, Grocery Shop, and the Ranch. 

You get a full-fledged farming experience as well. You can grow crops, take care of animals, craft tools and attend workshops. 

Above everything else, Harvest Town is a game that gives its players a lot of freedom. It allows you to take full control. 

If you are looking for your next video game, Harvest Town is a great option.

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