How Many Players Does Hell Let Loose Currently Have- Player Count

Hell Let Loose Player Count

Hell Let Loose is a game that reached a decent amount of success. It’s nothing like Battlefield or Call of Duty but a game that will test your strategic skills and patience. You are not a HERO in this game – you’re just another soldier who is about to become a statistic…

And many people are probably wondering to themselves – does this game even have a solid player base? Has it been holding up for the past few years?

And that’s exactly the topic that I’ll move on today, how is the game holding out in terms of players? Without further blabbering, let’s get to the player charts.

Steam Charts

Steam Charts

Hell Let Loose has been released on the 6th of June, 2019. Keep in mind that it was released as an early access game and throughout the years, it has been constantly updated, which meant a steady increase in players.

Throughout these 3 years, there were 5 massive spikes in players in total: 

The first one occurred on September/October 2019, when the player count peaked at over 11,000 thousand players. If my memories serve me correctly, people were excited about the release of a new map – Omaha Beach. I think we all know how it started for the Americans and how it ended for the Germans…

The second spike happened somewhere around July 2020, which resulted in 12,000 players. Our beloved Gaben blessed us with an off 25% sale on Hell Let Loose. It’s also worth mentioning that Update 7 got even more people on board!

The third spike was on March 2021. It had a lot to do with Update 9, which revolved around adding melee combat to the game, MG 34s, barbed wire, and the Utah offensive. The game peaked at around 13,000 players.

The fourth spike happened on July 2021, reaching almost 14,000 players. It was a pretty big period for Hell Let Loose, as it was finally fully released, which, of course, brought many people to try this beautiful game. 

And finally, in the 5th spike, which took place in June/July 2022, there was an update that added new tanks, Stuka dive bombs, weapons like P-47 bombs and terrifying IL-2 rocket strafe, new maps&offensives, audio effects, visual effects, millions of bug fixed and the most crucial feature of this update – a flare gun… So how many players peaked at this point? An outstanding 18,200 players!

You can check the current player count on

How many players were there in the last week?

Well, throughout the span of a week, the amount fluctuated between 3000 and 9000 players. Of course, fewer players are gonna play in the morning and the count will go higher throughout the day but it also depends on time zones and locations of servers. 

Future updates&will the player count increase even more?

The next update in the future will add a new map – Kharkiv. Not just great maps but new tanks, jeeps, flamethrowers, winter uniforms, cosmetics and immeasurable suffering. Black Matter so far has shown that with every massive update, there’s a huge wave of players coming each time and I personally believe that the winter update will bring a record amount of players in the future.

But how many? The earliest spike in players was at around 18,000 players and the next one could be perhaps higher by a similar amount, perhaps a few hundred or even thousands of new players. Only time will tell. Anyways, enjoy getting PTSD in Hell Let Loose, and thank you for reading my article!

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