How to Build Barracks in Age of Empires 2

How to Build Barracks in Age of Empires 2

In the realm of Age of Empires 2, barracks stand as one of the foundational military structures. They function primarily for two critical reasons: the training of infantry units and the unlocking of various technologies that propel a civilization’s prowess in warfare.

As the game progresses and players navigate from the Dark Age to the Feudal Age and beyond, the barracks evolve in capability and significance.

Prerequisites for Building Barracks

Before diving into the construction process, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental prerequisites for erecting a barracks. Firstly, you don’t have to wait long; you can start building from the Dark Age. However, every construction demands resources, and for barracks, the primary resource is wood.

Make sure you’ve stockpiled enough before venturing to build. Additionally, while Age of Empires barracks can typically be your first military building, certain scenarios or game modes might necessitate the construction of other buildings or units beforehand.

Step-by-step Guide to Building Barracks in Age of Empires 2

Step-by-step Guide to Building Barracks

Choosing the right location: When playing Age of Empires 2, the barracks’ placement isn’t just a matter of empty space. Strategic location near resource collection points ensures your infantry has swift access to vital areas.

Additionally, positioning your barracks for defense can fortify your base against sudden attacks in Age of Empires. And let’s not forget the long game—always anticipate how your base might expand in the future and select a spot that won’t hinder growth.

Assigning villagers: Here’s a simple rule—more hands make lighter work. Assigning multiple villagers to the barracks’ construction can drastically reduce build times. If you need to divert villagers from other tasks, just select them and then right-click on the barracks’ foundation.

Monitoring the building progress: As with any significant project, keep an eye on the construction. It helps ensure that you remain informed about your progress and can make swift decisions if enemies approach or other unexpected events occur.

Advanced Strategies with Age of Empires 2 Barracks

Once you’ve gotten the hang of building barracks in Age of Empires, it’s time to delve deeper into strategic maneuvers. Building multiple barracks isn’t just about showing off—it can be a calculated move in advanced gameplay. With multiple barracks, you can churn out infantry units faster than your opponent, providing a significant advantage during battles.

Additionally, think outside the box when it comes to defense. Barracks, given their sturdy nature, can be employed as makeshift walls or barriers against enemy incursions. And here’s a pro-tip: always consider the synergy between barracks and other military buildings. Efficient unit production often results from a well-coordinated combination of structures.

Benefits of Timely Barracks Upgrades

It cannot be stressed enough: timely upgrades are crucial. These aren’t just about prestige; advanced units, often unlocked through upgrades, carry distinct advantages in battle scenarios. They can be more resilient, deal more damage, or have abilities that basic units lack. Beyond units, new technologies available in the barracks can revolutionize your gameplay, bolstering the strength and versatility of your army in unexpected ways.

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