How to Buy and Get Artifacts in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

How to Buy and Get Artifacts in Dragonheir Silent Gods

Dive into the enchanting world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, where artifacts stand as a testament to a player’s prowess and skill. These artifacts aren’t just ornamental trinkets; they play a pivotal role in amplifying and enhancing your character’s innate abilities. Imagine being able to sway battles in your favor or mastering challenges effortlessly, all by harnessing the potential of these precious items.

Before you set your sights on obtaining these artifacts, there’s a crucial milestone to achieve. Your character must attain a three-star rating. This isn’t merely a status symbol; it’s a testament to your character’s growth and potential. Without reaching this three-star threshold, the power and utility of artifacts remain dormant and out of your reach.

How to Buy and Get Artifacts

How to Buy and Get Artifacts

Your first step in acquiring these game-changing artifacts starts at a special hub: “The Exchange.” But don’t mistake this for the game’s standard store. “The Exchange” is an exclusive zone dedicated solely to artifacts. To find this treasure trove, cast your eyes to the top-right corner of your game interface. The distinct symbol marking “The Exchange” is your gateway to powerful artifacts.

In the realm of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, conventional currency won’t get you far when it comes to artifacts. Instead, the realm has its unique currency dubbed “imprint stones.” Now, you may wonder, how does one acquire these coveted imprint stones? The secret lies in summoning heroes. Every time you successfully summon a hero, your stash of imprint stones grows. And remember, the world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods treasures rarity. Most artifacts have limited stocks, typically reserved for individual heroes. So, strategize your purchases wisely.

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Once you’ve secured an artifact, the next step is to harness its potential. Head over to the character selection screen to start this process. However, remember the golden rule: only those who have achieved the three-star hero status can equip these artifacts.

Among the many artifacts you can choose from, the “Dancing Gyros” stands out, bestowing its wielder with a mesmerizing increase in attack speed, potentially turning the tide of battle in their favor.

Artifacts, as powerful as they are, have an added layer of potential waiting to be unlocked. To tap into this hidden strength, you need the “essence of creation.” This special currency can refine your artifact, boosting its stats like defense and attack bonuses.

But don’t just stop at the basics; the world of Dragonheir encourages players to get hands-on, experimenting with different refinement levels. By doing so, you can tailor the artifact’s capabilities to match your strategy and gameplay, ensuring maximum efficiency.

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