How To Change Dice Skin In Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Change Dice Skin In Baldur's Gate 3

Rolling the dice in Baldur’s Gate 3 is not just an essential part of the gameplay, it’s also a visual experience that can be personalized. Your in-game decisions often hinge on these rolls, so why not do it with style?

There’s an easy way to customize the look of your dice during these pivotal game moments. Although you can’t alter the dice skin at just any time, there’s a particular sequence in the game that allows this personal touch. Specifically, you need to wait for an event that prompts a dice roll. The interface for altering your dice skin is cleverly tucked away, but once you know where to look, it’s a piece of cake.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Dice Skin

Here’s your quick guide to personalizing your dice:

  • Play the game until a situation arises that requires a dice roll. These instances occur naturally throughout the narrative.
  • As the dice roll screen appears, glance at the bottom left corner. You’ll see a small, unobtrusive icon that might be easy to miss if you’re not searching for it.
  • Click on this inconspicuous icon, and voila! You’ll be greeted with a list of dice skins that you own.
  • Peruse through your collection and click on the one that catches your fancy. Your choice will be applied immediately
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Where to Find Baldur’s Gate 3 Deluxe Edition Dice Skin

If you’re the owner of the Deluxe Edition of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re in for a treat. You get exclusive dice skins right from the start! Unlike other bonus items that require a treasure hunt, these skins are instantly accessible. They’re not tucked away in chests or hidden in dark corners; they’re ready for you as soon as the game begins.

How do you apply these premium skins, you ask? It’s quite straightforward:

As before, wait until the game prompts a dice roll. Locate the subtle icon in the bottom left corner and give it a click. This time, you’ll see the Deluxe Edition Dice Skin in your list of options.

Select it, and it’s all set! Your dice now sport the exclusive skin, giving you a high-end look as you navigate through your adventure.

Finally, remember that the Deluxe Edition Dice Skin is an exclusive bonus for players who own the deluxe version of the game. It’s not a hidden treasure within the game world, but rather a thank-you gift for Deluxe Edition players. These skins offer an additional dash of customization that makes your gaming experience all the more unique.

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