How To Change Your Display Name in The Finals

How To Change Your Display Name in The Finals

In the world of The Finals, your display name is kinda like your battle flag. It’s how you’re known in the heat of competition, and it sticks with you through every victory and defeat. This rundown is all about how you can switch up that name and really make your mark in The Finals.

Creating an account with Embark is your first step into The Finals, and they slap a random nickname on you right out of the gate. It’s a unique tag, sure, but it’s not necessarily you. And just so we’re clear, this nickname isn’t tied to your usernames on Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox. Jumping into The Finals with an Embark account means you get to start with a clean slate, name-wise.

The Finals Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Display Name

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Display Name

Changing up your username in The Finals has its own little process, and there’s a 10-minute cooldown between changes. So you gotta think hard about your new name before you lock it in. Here’s how you do it:

  • Head over to Embark Studios’ official website. This is ground zero for changing up how you’re known in-game.
  • Log in with your Embark account details. You gotta be in your account to start messing with your profile.
  • Find your Profile. If it’s not staring you in the face, click your name in the top right and hit “Profile” from the drop-down.
  • Look for the “Edit” button next to “Display name.” That’s your ticket to a new name.
  • Keep in mind, your name might change, but there’s a set of numbers tagged to your username that’s always gonna stay the same. It’s like your gamer DNA.
The Finals Changing Your Display Name

Now, if you thought you could switch up your display name from within The Finals itself, think again. This kind of magic can only happen on the Embark website. So take a little trip outside the game to spruce up your gamer tag.

When you’re mulling over a new display name, remember those numbers that stick with you are part of the deal. It’s about deciding if the random name you started with is the one you want to wear like armor into battle, or if you’re ready to craft a name that screams “you.”

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