How to Destroy Your Own Building in Age of Empires II

How to Destroy Your Own Building in Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II (often abbreviated as AoE II) stands as one of the timeless classics in the realm of strategy video games. Its blend of historical accuracy and intricate gameplay has entranced players for decades.

At the core of its appeal is the meticulous management of buildings, troops, and resources. While constructing formidable empires and advancing through the ages is vital, there’s a seldom-discussed aspect of gameplay: the need, at times, to dismantle your own buildings.

How to Destroy Your Own Building in AoE II

When you’ve made the decision to remove a structure in AoE II, follow these steps:

Selecting the Building:

Click on the building you wish to remove. Ensure it’s the correct one. A simple misclick could have unintended consequences.

Accessing the Demolish Option:

Once the building is selected, locate the game’s user interface’s demolish icon, often represented by a small hammer or a similar symbol. Hover over icons if you’re unsure; tooltips will guide you.

Executing the Demolition

Upon selecting the demolish option, some buildings require a confirmation. Accept it. Watch as your structure comes down, and think about your next strategic move.

You can also destroy your own building in Age of Empires II if you simply press the Del key on your keyboard, but it is riskier because it is constant, so there is no room for mistakes.

Reasons to Destroy Your Own Building

If you’re deep into the strategic play of Age of Empires II, there might come a time when you consider removing your own building. Not a typical move, but strategic gaming requires non-typical decisions at times. Here are some reasons:

Every building in Age of Empires II consumes resources – wood, stone, gold, etc. Perhaps you built a barracks early on, but now you find it’s not as valuable. Destroying it could free up resources, which can be better utilized elsewhere. This approach is a matter of economic efficiency.

It’s no secret that Age of Empires II has a dynamic battleground. Sometimes, the enemy forces might be too strong, and your front-line structures could be in their way. By destroying a structure, you might create a barrier or slow them down, giving you time to regroup or redeploy.

Mistakes happen. Maybe you placed a farm too close to the frontline or a watchtower in a non-strategic location. Instead of allowing it to be a liability, it’s often better to remove it and build again with a clearer plan.

As the game progresses, your strategic needs change. An archery range might have been vital in the beginning, but as you tech up, you might need that space for something more advanced. Being adaptable is key.

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