How to Evolve the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

How to Evolve the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

A lot of games have that tricky, weird weapon. For Vampire Survivors, it’s the Pentagram. The player will first unlock this weapon by reaching the 20th minute with any character, and the player can roll it in any run afterward. However, as with most weapons, we can upgrade it. So let’s see how to evolve the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors.    

What is Pentagram

Evolve the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

Among the weapons of vampire survivors, Pentagram is the most powerful one and that is why it is important to evolve it. Each weapon has its ups and downs, dealing better with different types of enemies. Pentagram, on the other hand, immediately kills everything on screen.

Of course, it isn’t without its drawbacks. None that relate to its effectiveness but nonetheless important. Pentagram only activates once every 90 seconds, with a timer that gets lower as you level it up. However, the real issue is that Pentagram erases all items and experiences. The erasure stops being a guarantee and becomes random as we level up.

Furthermore, increasing Luck can enhance our chances of items not being deleted. No matter the stacks of abilities we go with, removing this downside is still safest. That’s why we should upgrade the Pentagram.

How to Evolve Pentagram?

As with every weapon in vampire survivors, the upgrade can be obtained by combining the weapon with the right buff. In the case of evolving Pentagram, you’ll need the Crown item. This upgrade increases your experience gain by 8% with each stack of it. Crown maxes out at five stacks, giving you a 40% experience gain bonus.

When your Pentagram is at level 8, and you have at least one level of Crown, an upgrade will be available. Next time you roll a Pentagram, it will transform the weapon into the Gorgeous Moon.

Using Pentagram

Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

You should never use a Pentagram early on. It’s a weapon that should be obtained and upgraded after assembling decent weapons to deal with the early hordes. The later waves will overwhelm you without other weapons dealing damage while Pentagram is cooling down.

The cooldown is also when you should pick up as much experience as possible. Once it becomes active, Pentagram will erase that experience, hampering your ability to level up. However, as the levels of a Pentagram increase, its chance to destroy items decreases, so you won’t suffer as many side effects later.

How to get

If you wish, it’s possible to start the run with a Pentagram. This is done by playing as Christine Davain, one of the unlockable characters in the game. The prerequisite for her unlocking is simple, requiring us to upgrade the Pentagram to level 7 during a game and then pay the unlock cost in the store.

By picking Christine, you’ll be playing a very dangerous game. Her stats have really bad health and Might. However, she’s compensated for these drawbacks with extra Cooldown and MoveSpeed. Your abilities will fire off 25% faster, and the character itself will move 30% quicker.

Starting with an extra cooldown makes Pentagram procs more often, which will come in handy during the last few minutes of the game. Christine also gets an extra level on spawn, giving her another weapon or buff at the start of the game.

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