Marauders: How to Extract

How to Extract in Marauders

Are you a big fan of treasure-hunting and looting movies that involve action and combat? If you are a player who loves this genre, you can play Marauders for entertainment.

In Marauders, as you may have guessed, you play a marauder battling other players and the computer for available supplies. Its background story involves an alternative timeline where The Great War has never ended.

Due to the devastation and limited resources, some humans left the Earth. With their spaceships, they fled to space to search for available supplies and raid other spaceships for loot. Exciting, isn’t it?

If you are reading this article, you might have started playing Marauders and have found extracting difficult. Fret not, since this article guide can provide an answer on how to extract in Marauders.

Understanding Marauders Gameplay

Before worrying about extraction, you should first understand the gameplay of Marauders. One of the first things you should consider is your health. You can see a health bar on your screen. Once you take damage, this health bar reduces, and the only way to regain health is through healing items. More importantly, once your health reaches zero, you can lose everything in your ship’s inventory.

The game also involves stamina for running and oxygen that serves as your raid time limit (25 minutes). Moreover, since the game is set in space, you should use a ship to go to the raid locations. The ship also has guns to shoot turrets or enemies while in space. You can play Marauders either solo or multiplayer (up to a four-man team).

After locating an ideal raid spot, you can now start the loot. In every raid, you can encounter some computer-generated enemies and some players. Depending on your weapons and gears, you must decide if you want to confront them or run. In the game, you should equip a good set of weapons, gear, healing items, tools, and protective equipment to last long. Moreover, you should establish teamwork if you are playing with a crew.

Look for loot items given the time limit. Some expert players recommend obtaining all items you can see because later on, you can use them for crafting, scrapping, or selling to traders. After looting, it is time for your escape.

Extracting From the Raid

Marauders Extracting From the Raid

After surviving the raid and getting the resources you want from a location, the next thing to do is to extract from the raid. First, you need to go back to the airlock where your ship is located. Then, find an Escape Gate, which is characterized by a circular structure with a yellow portal inside.

Two Escape Gates are available for every map in Marauders. Before doing the actual raid, it is best to scout the location of these two Escape Gates to make extraction faster and more convenient – which can even save your life.

Another way to extract from the raid is through an Escape Pod. Since enemies can damage and destroy your ships, you can use your Escape Pod, which you can recognize through its red hangar doors found at the lower levels of your ship.

After Extracting, Now What?

After Extracting

After escaping the raid location, you can now enjoy your loot items. Since the game focuses on looting items, managing your inventory is a vital factor in the game. One way to enjoy the items you have gained is through crafting. Crafting allows you to create essential items, such as weapons, bags, ammo, bandages, and more.

Also, you can sell or scrap unwanted items. You can gain some money from selling unwanted items, or you can also break down items through scrapping. If you scrap material in Marauders, you can obtain synthetic scrap, metal scrap, or junk scrap – which you can all use to craft other items.

Lastly, splitting the items can help you manage your inventory. For instance, if you have 100x gunpowder, you can divide this into two 50x gunpowder. Then, you can keep the first 50x gunpowder and sell/craft/scrap the other 50x gunpowder. Some players usually ignore this inventory management, but this process is a vital factor for efficient crafting, selling, or scrapping.

Final Thoughts

Marauders involve gun-shooting and looting mechanisms, which action lovers can enjoy. Moreover, with its space setting, the game can also be considered a sci-fi game.

At Marauders, you can enjoy piloting your ship in space, finding loot locations, surviving raids, and escaping. You can experience the thrill of being a space pirate.

This article guide talked about how you can extract from a raid. To summarize, you have two ways to escape from a raid – through your ship or the Escape Pod entering an Escape Gate.

Also, note that once you die in the game, you can lose all your ship’s inventory, so knowing when you should leave is a significant factor in the game. With the escape ways presented in this article, hopefully, you will survive all the raids you make.

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