How to Find Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2

How to Find Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2

In the game Remnant 2, one valuable and sought-after resource is the Blood Moon Essence. This rare essence can be found on the mysterious world of Yasha. Blood Moon Essence is essential for accessing vendor items and unlocking the exciting Summoner Archetype, allowing players to summon and control powerful pets during their adventures.

If you’re ready to embark on a quest to obtain this elusive resource, follow our guide to navigate the dark forests of Yaesha and uncover the secrets of the Blood Moon!

Location of Blood Moon Essence on Yasha

Yaesha is the place where the Blood Moon Essence awaits intrepid players. However, finding it is no simple task, as the appearance of the Blood Moon is random and requires exploration across different areas on Yasha. Be on the lookout for the telltale sign of the Blood Moon – a red moon hanging ominously in the sky. This will indicate that you’re in the right place to start your hunt for the elusive essence.

Identifying the Blood Moon Area

To discover the Blood Moon Essence, keep an eye out for little purple wispies scattered throughout the map during the Blood Moon event. These wispies are essential for obtaining the essence. But be warned – the purple wispies won’t respawn once you leave the area. To make the most of your efforts, collect as many wispies as possible before departing. Remember, leaving without enough essence means you’ll have to wait for the Blood Moon to reappear or explore other areas.

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Farming Root Wisps

In the Forbidden Grove of Yaesha, players can find the floating wisps they need to obtain Blood Moon Essence. These wisps, known as Root Wisps, come in various colors – purple, red, and pink. Shoot these elusive creatures to gather the essence they carry. While they may deplete in numbers as you continue shooting, don’t fret! If you leave the area and return, you’ll find them in different locations, allowing you to farm the essence needed for various items.

Bloodmoon Altar and Purchasing Items

After collecting enough Blood Moon Essence, make your way to the Root Nexus in the Dark Woods of Yaesha. Here, you’ll find the Bloodmoon Altar marked in blue on the map. At this altar, you can spend your hard-earned essence to purchase an array of valuable items. From armor and an Amulet to a Ring and a melee weapon, the altar offers something for every adventurer. Keep your eyes peeled for the most sought-after item – the Faded Grimoire.

The Faded Grimoire is a coveted item available at the Bloodmoon Altar. To obtain it, gather 15 Blood Moon Essences, along with five Lumenite Crystals and 1500 Scrap. Once you have everything you need, take the Faded Grimoire to Wallace in Ward 13, who will create an engram for you. This engram unlocks the Summoner Archetype, giving you the power to summon and control pets during your journey.d

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