How to find the Candelabrador in Vampire Survivors

How to find the Candelabrador in Vampire Survivors

There are plentiful abilities and weapons that need unlocking in Vampire Survivors. These vary from secret ones to mundane challenges. One such weapon is the Candelabrador. As with every ability, it opens up more mixes and abilities after unlocking it. So let’s see how to find the Candelabrador in Vampire Survivors and what we can do with it.

Unlocking the Candelabrador in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking the Candelabrador in Vampire Survivors

The requirement to unlock the Candelabrador is quite simple. All you have to do is upgrade Santa Water to level 4. Santa Water itself is unlocked by default, meaning it is possible to get yourself Candelabrador after the first run. This requirement will usually be reached just by playing.

To reach level 4 with Santa Water, the player has to pick this weapon four times from level-up rewards, pickups, or chests. So it’s usually smart to get it early if you plan on doing the unlock.

What is Candelabrador

Candelabrador is among the initially released upgrades for Vampire Survivors. Its utility varies from weapon to weapon, usually the most useful on attacks with a potent area of effect ability. The Candelabrador is a go-to in these cases due to its effect of increasing the range of our attacks.

Each Candelabrador increases the area of attacks by 10%. That is a great buff to those weapons that start with a large area of effect to begin with. Axe is a great example, often being able to hit quite a few extra targets with its arc when paired up with a Candelabrador. Some other great weapons to obtain with this buff are Runetracer, Soul Eater, Hellfire, and Santa water.

Find Candelabrador

It’s possible to find items throughout different maps of Vampire Survivors. One of these is Candelabrador, which can be located in the Dairy Plant. This map can be a bit difficult to navigate due to sparsely placed buildings and milk tanks, but it also allows us to pick up Candelabrador without having to roll it.

As you spawn in, go to the bottom right-hand corner of the stage. The free Candelabrador will require you to traverse quite a bit of ground, defeating multiple waves of enemies as you proceed. Thankfully, the search will be made far easier by having a map. The Milky Way Map will show you the path to the Candelabrador. Keep in mind that picking the item here will not unlock it otherwise.

Other sources of area increase

If you get Candelabrador, it’s useful to get some extra area. The sources stack and can cause incredibly big impact zones for your weapons.

Area PowerUp

The area upgrade is available in PowerUp. This one starts with a cost of 300 and increases your range by 5%. The PowerUp can be purchased twice, to a maximum of 10% area increase, and goes up in price.

Character Choices

Picking certain characters can increase our Area, which goes quite well with the Candelabrador. The available choices for increasing Area are:

  • Porta: +30% Area.
  • Clerici: +400% Area at start, -100% every level until it returns to normal
  • Concetta: +1% Area every level
  • Zi’Assunta: +0.5% Area every level
  • Smith: -10% Area at start, +0.7% Area every level
  • Minnah’s: Cycles between double and halved every minute
  • Leda: +10% Area.
  • Peppino: -60% Area at start, +10% Area at levels 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21

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