How to Find the Clear Gemstone in Core Keeper

How to Find the Clear Gemstone in Core Keeper

In the vibrant crafting realm of Core Keeper, every player knows the value of the elusive clear gemstone. Central to some of the game’s most ambitious projects, this gemstone is a crafting essential that can pave the way to superior achievements, particularly when aiming for the top-tier Rune Song Sword.

Locating the Clear Gemstone: Primary Areas of Interest

The quest for the clear gemstone is nothing short of an expedition. Begin in the stone biome, a sprawling expanse known for its craggy terrains. Here, you’ll uncover a distinctive maze – marked by its square contours and a central cross design. It’s within this maze, deep inside, where a treasure chest awaits, guarding the gemstone.

But, expand your horizons. Some seasoned players have unraveled multiple mazes across their journey. The enigmatic terrains of the Azios wilderness are also ripe for exploration. Then there’s the green biome, a secluded zone unlocked only after you vanquish the three formidable bosses, energize the core, and breach a certain obstruction.

Brace yourself for the forgotten ruins, a daunting terrain that’s a treasure trove of mazes. The clear gemstone, as legends have it, resides within a maze of medium stature. As you chart your path, you may come across areas tagged “Gorm’s path” and mazes lying beyond it.

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Treading these mazes isn’t always smooth sailing. Occasionally, you’ll confront waterlogged paths, challenging your progress. A word to the wise: bring along bridging tools to ensure unhampered navigation.

The Legendary Rune Song Sword: An Overview

Within the expansive domain of Core Keeper lies a weapon of great repute: the Rune Song Sword. Constructing this masterpiece isn’t straightforward. It demands specific components, each as vital as the next:

  • Broken Handle Broken Handle
  • Chipped Blade Chipped Blade
  • Clear Gemstone Clear Gemstone
  • Iron Bar Iron Bar (50)
  • Ancient Gemstone Ancient Gemstone (10)

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