How to Find the Clear Gemstone in Core Keeper

How to Find the Clear Gemstone in Core Keeper

In the adventurous world of Core Keeper, the clear gemstone isn’t just another shiny object—it’s a key component for crafting some of the game’s most powerful items. If you’re on a quest to craft the legendary Rune Song Sword, finding this gemstone becomes your prime mission. Here’s how you can locate it.

Locating the Clear Gemstone: Primary Areas of Interest

Embarking on the quest for the clear gemstone is akin to setting off on a grand adventure. Your journey starts in the stone biome. Known for its rugged landscapes, this area is home to a distinctive maze. Picture a layout with square edges and a cross right at the heart. It’s here, hidden deep within the maze, that a treasure chest awaits, cradling the much-sought gemstone.

But don’t stop there. The game’s world is vast and filled with secrets. Some players have stumbled upon multiple mazes during their explorations, each promising its own set of rewards. Venture into the Azios wilderness or probe the depths of the green biome, which you’ll only uncover after defeating the game’s three main bosses, reactivating the core, and breaking through a special barrier.

The Forgotten Ruins are another hotspot for explorers. This area, riddled with medium-sized mazes, is rumored to house the clear gemstone. But be wary, for Gorm’s path may lead you to water-filled mazes. Don’t let these aquatic obstacles deter you; just make sure to have some bridging materials handy to maintain your pace.

The Legendary Rune Song Sword: An Overview

The Rune Song Sword is more than just a weapon in Core Keeper—it’s a testament to your crafting prowess. But assembling this legendary sword is no easy feat. It requires a collection of specific items:

  • Broken Handle Broken Handle
  • Chipped Blade Chipped Blade
  • Clear Gemstone Clear Gemstone
  • Iron Bar Iron Bar (50)
  • Ancient Gemstone Ancient Gemstone (10)

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