How To Get All Slimes In Legend of Slime

How To Get All Slimes In Legend of Slime

In the intriguing game world of “Legend of Slime”, slimes are not just cute companions but are classified into various tiers. The crème de la crème of these is the SS or Superior Slime tier. But luxury comes at a price, and these are the game’s premium offerings. However, the heartening news is that for those focusing on the S tier and below, these charming creatures come without a dent in the pocket.

Get All Slimes In Legend of Slime

The First Freebies

Every player’s journey in “Legend of Slime” kicks off with Aku, a delightful freebie for everyone. As days pass and players continue their daily rendezvous with the game, the seventh day marks the arrival of Serpine in their collection.

And for the gem-savers, an expenditure of 9,900 gems secures Astrie, arguably among the elite of free slimes.

Premium Offerings

For those with a penchant for exclusivity, “The Limited Slime Package” is the gateway to the elusive SS tier slimes. This treasure trove features stellar slimes like Crobi, Melissa, Deva, Osteon, Ghost, Mecha, Ignis, Hero, Bunny, and the newly minted Gent.

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First-time buyers get a special treat in the form of Kobaius. And for aficionados with specific tastes, individual slimes can be handpicked from the game shop for a neat 14 pounds.

Seasonal Slimes

With every season, “Legend of Slime” brings in timely joys. From the autumnal Urnis during Thanksgiving to the ghostly Amber during Halloween, from Santa spreading cheer in winters to Farmer hopping around in spring, there’s always something special. And if the calendar wasn’t on your side, there’s a second chance: the Alchemy, where these can now be crafted.

Unique Slime Offerings

“Legend of Slime” also throws curveballs with its special slimes. The quirky Newbie, for instance, surfaces only during April Fool’s. Meanwhile, Gent, the talk of the town, is available through the current slime pass or The Limited Slime Package.

The game keeps players on their toes, launching an SS tier slime each month, interspersed with free slimes every few months. If you find your slime pass lagging, a little patience goes a long way—the game ensures all slimes will eventually be at your disposal.

The Alchemy

For those who find magic in waiting, the Alchemy is their playground. Crafting a slime here isn’t a cakewalk—it spans roughly 10 days, backed by the essential daily Elixir. The effort is worth it, especially when you craft slimes like Urnis and Amber, which were once seasonal rarities.

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Navigational Tips

Treading the “Legend of Slime” terrain smartly demands a blend of alertness and planning. Keeping an eye on in-game events can be the key to seasonal slimes. When events elude, the Alchemy is a trusty ally. And for the ambitious, Gent, the latest sensation, should definitely be on the wishlist.

Interacting and collaborating with fellow enthusiasts can provide insights that are gold. Tutorials like the one focusing on unlocking Love Cat can be game-changers. Tapping into the game’s Discord server not only ensures you’re abreast with updates but also integrates you into a community of like-minded players. A simple act like sharing referral codes can fast-track many players’ journeys.

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