How To Get All Slimes In Legend of Slime

How To Get All Slimes In Legend of Slime

In “Legend of Slime,” slimes are way more than just cute blobs. They’re ranked, with the SS or Superior Slime tier sitting at the top. Getting your hands on these top-tier buddies can be a bit pricey, but if you’re looking at S tier and below, you’re in luck because they’re way more wallet-friendly.

Get All Slimes In Legend of Slime

The First Freebies

Starting off, every player gets Aku for free, which is pretty sweet. Stick around for a week, and you’ll snag Serpine too. And for those who’ve been saving their gems, 9,900 of them will get you Astrie, who’s pretty awesome and doesn’t cost extra.

Premium Offerings

If you’re into the rare stuff, “The Limited Slime Package” is your ticket to the SS tier slimes like Crobi, Melissa, and a bunch more. Newcomers get Kobaius as a bonus. And if there’s a specific one you’re after, you can pick them up individually from the shop for 14 pounds.

Seasonal Slimes

Every season brings new slimes to collect, like Urnis in the fall or Amber around Halloween. Missed out? They’ve got you covered with the Alchemy, where you can craft these seasonal favorites any time.

Unique Slime Offerings

There are special slimes too, like Newbie for April Fool’s and Gent from the current slime pass. They keep dropping new SS tier slimes and some freebies now and then, so there’s always something new to look forward to. Missed a slime? Just hang tight; they’ll make sure you get another shot at it.

The Alchemy

If you’ve got the patience, Alchemy is like your own slime-making lab. It takes about 10 days and some daily Elixir, but crafting slimes like Urnis and Amber is totally doable and definitely worth the wait.

Navigational Tips

Getting ahead in “Legend of Slime” means keeping an eye out for events for those seasonal slimes and hitting up the Alchemy when you need to. Gent is the new must-have, so don’t miss out. Joining the game’s Discord and swapping referral codes with other players can really help speed things up. Plus, tips and tutorials from the community, like how to unlock Love Cat, can give you an edge.

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