How to Get an NPC and Make an NPC House in Core Keeper

How to Get an NPC and Make an NPC House in Core Keeper

Core Keeper is a dynamic game that offers an enriching experience by allowing players to integrate NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) into their in-game journey. NPCs not only add vibrancy to the game world but also provide various trading options. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to successfully obtain an NPC and create the perfect home for them.

Getting an NPC in Core Keeper

Defeating Bosses to Obtain an NPC

Before you can welcome an NPC into your virtual world, you must prove your mettle. NPCs become accessible once you defeat certain bosses. The key bosses to target include “the slime box”, “Ghorm the Devourer”, and “Glurch the Abominous Mass”. Once vanquished, these bosses drop a unique item known as the mysterious idol, essential for the NPC acquisition process.

Trading Benefits of NPCs

Having an NPC by your side is not just about enhancing your gameplay experience. They also open up a plethora of trading options. From essentials like copper ore and wood fiber to the rare slime, trading with NPCs can considerably streamline your in-game progress.

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Behavioral Attributes of NPCs

The behavior of NPCs in Core Keeper is intriguing. If they find themselves too far from their designated space, they possess the unique ability to either walk or teleport back to their homes. Furthermore, certain oils can be used to attract these NPCs, amplifying your chances of a successful integration.

Designing the Perfect NPC House

The first step in building a home for your NPC is getting the dimensions right. The house should ideally fall between the size of 2×2 and 8×8. However, sizes like 6×5 or 6×6 are often preferred by players. Remember, if you’re considering an 8×8 layout, this dimension should include the walls. An external addition of walls to an 8×8 internal space will render the room oversized for the NPC.

  • Doors: A door is pivotal to the NPC house design. Wooden doors are the most recommended due to their reliability. On the contrary, stone doors might introduce game glitches, compromising your NPC experience.
  • Bed Placement: Every NPC house should be furnished with a bed. Crafted using five fibers and wood, the bed serves as the resting space for the NPC. It’s paramount that this bed remains unoccupied by other players to ensure the NPC feels welcomed.
  • The Mysterious Idol: Your newly acquired mysterious idol from the defeated bosses should find its place inside the NPC house. Its presence is vital for the NPC to consider the house as its home.
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While not mandatory, certain enhancements can elevate the overall aesthetics of the NPC house. Consider adding wooden tiles to the floor or introducing lighting. Although NPCs don’t require lighting, it can significantly improve player visibility and experience.

Once the house is set, the final step involves encouraging the NPC to move in. Place the mysterious idol inside the room, ensuring it’s prominently displayed. Then, venture out, exploring at least 30 blocks away from the house. After a brief waiting period of a few minutes, make your return. If all conditions are met and the space is welcoming, your NPC will have settled into its new home.

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