How to Get an NPC and Make an NPC House in Core Keeper

How to Get an NPC and Make an NPC House in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, adding NPCs to your game world isn’t just about giving it more life; it’s also a strategic move that opens up trading opportunities and enhances your gaming experience. Here’s how you can bring an NPC into your world and create the ideal home for them.

Getting an NPC in Core Keeper

Defeating Bosses to Obtain an NPC

To invite an NPC over, you’ve got to show you’re boss material, literally. Key figures like “the slime box”, “Ghorm the Devourer”, and “Glurch the Abominous Mass” hold the ticket to your NPC companionship – a mysterious idol. Defeating these bosses will get you this coveted item, essential for bringing NPCs to your base.

Trading Benefits of NPCs

NPCs are more than just company; they’re also trading partners offering goods from copper ore to slime. It’s a way to get your hands on necessary resources without the grind.

Behavioral Attributes of NPCs

NPCs are pretty smart, too. Place them too far from their spot, and they’ll find their way back, thanks to their ability to walk or teleport. Plus, you can use certain oils to draw them in, making the process even smoother.

Designing the Perfect NPC House

Creating a space for your NPC is where creativity meets utility. The size sweet spot is between 2×2 and 8×8, but keep in mind that an 8×8 room includes wall dimensions. Going bigger after adding walls will leave you with a space too large for an NPC.

  • Doors: Doors are crucial, and wooden ones are your best bet for reliability. Stone doors might look tough, but they’ve been known to glitch.
  • Bed Placement: Don’t forget to put a bed down. Craft it with five fibers and some wood, and make sure it’s reserved exclusively for your NPC to make them feel right at home.
  • The Mysterious Idol: The centerpiece of this whole setup is the mysterious idol you snagged from those bosses. Place it in the room to signal to your NPC that this is their new home.

While optional, sprucing up the place with wooden floor tiles or some lighting can make the space more inviting. NPCs don’t need light to survive, but it’ll make your visits a lot easier on the eyes.

Once everything’s set up, drop the idol inside, and take a quick trip at least 30 blocks away. Give it a few minutes, then head back. If you’ve done everything right, your NPC should be chilling in their new digs, ready to trade or just keep you company.

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