How To Get and Craft Copper Key in Core Keeper

How To Get and Craft Copper Key in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, a Copper Key is pretty much a must-have if you’re looking to open up those Locked Copper Chests scattered around. You can either find this key out in the wild or make one yourself. Let’s break down how to get your hands on one.

Ways to Obtain a Copper Key

Looting Specific Areas

There are a few spots in Core Keeper where you might just stumble upon a Copper Key. The catch? It’s kind of hit or miss. Keep an eye out in places like:

  • Forgotten Ruins
  • Clay Caves
  • The Undergrounds
  • Larva Hive

Diving into these areas gives you a 4.55% shot at finding a Copper Key. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s worth a shot if you’re up for some exploring.

Fishing in The Undergrounds

Now, if you’re more about fishing, you could try your luck in The Undergrounds. The chances are even slimmer here, but hey, fishing’s relaxing, and you might just reel in a Copper Key along with your catch.

Crafting the Copper Key

If finding a Copper Key sounds like too much of a gamble, you can always make one. You’ll need a Key Casting Table for this. Here’s what to gather to build one:

  • 20 Planks
  • 10 Iron Bars
  • 10 Scarlet Bars

Getting those Scarlet Bars means beating the game’s first three bosses, so it’s no small feat. Once you’ve got your Key Casting Table set up, crafting the key is straightforward. Just grab 5 Copper Bars, and you’re all set to craft your Copper Key.

The Importance of the Copper Key

Might not seem like much, but in Core Keeper, the Copper Key is your ticket to unlocking potential loot galore. As you wander through the game, encountering all sorts of challenges and discovering new biomes, those Locked Copper Chests can be a goldmine, but only if you’ve got a Copper Key to open them. Whether you’re banking on luck to find one or taking the crafting route, having a Copper Key in your inventory is crucial.

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