How To Get and Craft Copper Key in Core Keeper

How To Get and Craft Copper Key in Core Keeper

In the expansive world of Core Keeper, the Copper Key stands as a valuable tool for avid explorers. If you’ve been on the hunt for Locked Copper Chests, you know you’ll need this key to access their treasures. There are various ways to obtain it, either by finding it or crafting it. This guide will delve deep into each method, ensuring you’re well-equipped on your Core Keeper journey.

Ways to Obtain a Copper Key

Looting Specific Areas

There are designated regions in Core Keeper where you can potentially loot a Copper Key. However, the odds aren’t always in your favor. The locations to keep an eye out for are:

  • Forgotten Ruins
  • Clay Caves
  • The Undergrounds
  • Larva Hive

Venturing into these areas offers a 4.55% chance of securing a Copper Key. It’s a game of luck, so brace yourself for some exploration.

Fishing in The Undergrounds

An alternative, albeit with even slimmer odds, is to cast your fishing line in The Undergrounds. This method provides roughly half the odds of the looting option. If you’re feeling particularly lucky or are an angling enthusiast, this might be a thrilling route to try.

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Crafting the Copper Key

  • Crafting the Copper Key calls for a specific workstation: the Key Casting Table. To set it up, you’ll need the following materials:
  • 20 Planks
    10 Iron Bars
    10 Scarlet Bars

An essential note for adventurers: securing the Scarlet Bars will demand that you overcome the first trio of Core Keeper bosses. It’s a challenging feat but unlocks access to a region rich in this resource.

With your Key Casting Table ready, the next step is simple. Gather 5 Copper Bars, and you can forge your Copper Key, granting you access to all those Locked Copper Chests you’ve encountered on your journey.

The Importance of the Copper Key

This unassuming key may be common, but it’s indispensable. In Core Keeper, as you meander through diverse biomes and face unforeseen challenges, Locked Copper Chests dot the landscape. These chests, brimming with potential treasures, remain inaccessible without a Copper Key. Thus, whether you opt for a strategy based on luck or decide to craft your own, the key is an essential item in your inventory.

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