How To Get and Use A Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

How To Get and Use A Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s got this new feature, the wingsuit, and it’s pretty sick. It ups your game by letting you move fast across big maps and adds a cool strategy element, especially for moving over those huge areas.

How To Get Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

How To Get Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

If you want to use the wingsuit, you need to pick Sundance, the Specialist. She’s different from the others because instead of a parachute, she gets this “Wingsuit Operator” ability, letting her glide all over the place. Plus, she’s got these cluster grenades that don’t go very far but really mess things up for the enemy.

How To Use A Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

To start flying with the wingsuit, you gotta find a high spot. Doesn’t have to be super high, just something like a shack will do. Jump off from there, and as you’re going down, kick in the wingsuit. The button or key for this depends on what you’re playing on, so check your controls first to avoid any surprises.

Navigation and Control

Controlling the wingsuit might take a bit to get used to, but it’s pretty much like the regular flying controls in the game. When you’re about to land, hit the “Undeploy” button to go back to running around. If you’re daring, you can try landing with the wingsuit still on if you’re going slow enough, but be careful not to crash.

Strategic Advantages of the Wingsuit

The wingsuit isn’t just for kicks; it’s got some serious strategy to it. Sundance can sneak behind enemy lines super fast and quiet, which is perfect for getting info or launching a surprise attack. This is mega helpful on big maps where getting from one place to another can drag on forever. With the wingsuit, you can zip across the map in no time, making Sundance a key player.

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