How To Get and Use A Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

How To Get and Use A Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 brings a plethora of unique features to its gameplay, and among the most coveted is the wingsuit. This tool not only boosts a player’s mobility across the expansive maps, but it also offers a fresh layer of strategy, especially when it comes to navigating vast terrains.

How To Get Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

How To Get Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

The allure of the wingsuit lies with a specific in-game character – the Sundance Specialist. Unlike her counterparts who are limited to parachutes, Sundance boasts the “Wingsuit Operator” ability, allowing her to glide seamlessly across terrains. In addition to this, Sundance isn’t just a one-trick pony. She’s also armed with two powerful cluster grenades. Though they might not have the longest range, they pack a punch and can disrupt enemy formations.

How To Use A Wingsuit In Battlefield 2042

To soar through the skies with Sundance’s wingsuit, elevation is your best friend. While the game doesn’t demand towering heights, a decent elevation, such as from a structure akin to a shack, works just fine. Once you’ve reached this optimal height, make the bold leap.

As you descend, trigger the wingsuit. It’s essential to note, however, that the specific command to deploy the wingsuit might differ based on your gaming console or system. So, familiarizing yourself with the controls beforehand can prove beneficial.

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Navigation and Control

Steering and controlling the wingsuit might seem a bit daunting initially, but it relies heavily on the game’s default flight controls. To ensure a safe landing, there’s a simple trick: as you approach the ground, hit the “Undeploy” command. However, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and are moving at a relatively slower pace, you can try to land without deactivating the wingsuit. Still, it’s wise to exercise caution to avoid any unexpected game mishaps.

Strategic Advantages of the Wingsuit

Beyond its sheer thrill, the wingsuit’s real value lies in its strategic benefits. With its enhanced speed and stealth capabilities, Sundance can infiltrate enemy lines unnoticed, providing invaluable intel or striking at the heart of enemy operations.

This can be especially handy in larger maps where reaching distant points could be time-consuming without vehicles. Leveraging the wingsuit, players can bridge these distances swiftly, making Sundance a formidable asset on the battlefield.

If you’re new to Battlefield 2042 and the wingsuit, remember this: practice is the cornerstone of mastery. The initial flights might seem a bit challenging, but with time, navigating with the wingsuit will become second nature. Additionally, while Sundance is the go-to for wingsuit enthusiasts, it’s worth noting that other game characters come equipped with parachutes, offering a different gameplay experience.

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