How To Get and Use the Chimera Core in Cyberpunk 2077

How To Get and Use the Chimera Core in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077’s latest Phantom Liberty expansion presents gamers with thrilling battles, including the nerve-wracking face-off against The Chimera. This mechanical adversary, recognized for its cybernetic legs and aggressive stance, is not just a formidable enemy but also calls upon droids to make your combat experience even more challenging.

This intense showdown transpires during the “Spider and the Fly” quest, which positions itself as the second principal mission of the expansion. As you navigate this mission, your primary objective becomes safeguarding the president and guiding her to safety. As you venture into the boss room, stay alert! Aside from the main adversary, the environment is equipped with ammo boxes and weapon cases to aid you during this fierce battle in Dogtown.

Acquiring The Chimera Core in Cyberpunk 2077

Acquiring The Chimera Core

As you muster your strength and strategies to bring down The Chimera, there’s a unique reward waiting for you—the Chimera Core. Surprisingly, you won’t find this coveted item on the fallen enemy. Instead, cast your eyes a few feet from the boss’s defeated form, and you’ll spot the core resting on the ground.

But here’s a catch: the game doesn’t make it easy for you. There isn’t a straightforward marker highlighting its location. However, a quick glance at your mini-map and a task switch will reveal an exclamation point, guiding you to your prize. While the Chimera Core appears slightly worn out post-battle, it’s undeniably valuable.

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Scooping it up is entirely at your discretion, though securing it ties back to ensuring President Myers’ safety. And if you’re scouting the room for more loot, rest easy. After securing the Chimera Core, you’ve essentially tapped into the room’s most significant reward.

Crafting with The Chimera Core in Cyberpunk 2077

Now, having the Chimera Core is one thing, but leveraging its potential is where the real game begins. Dive into the crafting session within the player menu to unlock its capabilities. Esteemed for its crafting prowess, the core grants you exclusive access to the Tier 5 Iconic Weapon Mods. But it’s not just about crafting any mod; there are four distinct mods at your disposal, each associated with a specific weapon class. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Firecracker: Unleash chaos with this mod, sending explosive rounds that leave enemies reeling.
  • Severance: With this equipped, enemies below half health should be wary. A precise strike could instantly end them, especially if aimed at vulnerable areas like the head or limbs.
  • Wallpuncher: Charging your weapon? This mod boosts it to 200% without prolonging the charge time, giving you the added advantage of full armor penetration, even through cover.
  • Hackatomy: An unpredictable choice, this mod grants a 5% shot at deploying a quickhack effect, which varies based on where your enemy is hit.
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Selecting your desired mod is just the beginning. These mods are not permanent fixtures. If you ever feel the need for a change, simply unequip them from your weapon of choice. And the best part? Even if you happen to destroy a weapon that houses one of these Chimera Mods, it automatically finds its way back to your inventory. Choose wisely based on your battle style and the weapon you frequently use. And don’t hesitate to experiment during successive playthroughs, exploring the full range of mods the Chimera Core offers.

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