How to get Breath of Life in Summoners War Chronicles

How to get Breath of Life in Summoners War Chronicles

Breath of Life is an extremely important item in the Summoners War Chronicles for evolving and awakening heroes in the game. The amount of Breath of Life that you will need is simply too high. That is why it is important to know all the ways to get it and farm it, especially if you are a free-to-play player.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the main ways to obtain Breath of Life and some additional methods you may not have considered before. We have other guides that will help you with your progression, like the Orbia Build, Farm Crystals, and Summoners War Chronicles tier list so you can pick the best monster.

Getting Breath of Life

Exchanging Hero Pieces

One of the most common ways to get Breath of Life in Summoners War Chronicles is by exchanging hero pieces. You can do this with one and two-star heroes without hesitation. However, be cautious when exchanging three-star heroes. It’s essential to keep copies of certain three-star heroes.

Completing Side Quests

Side quests are another excellent source of Breath of Life. These quests are divided into two main categories: area explorations and monster story quests. Area explorations often reward Breath of Life upon completion, while monster story quests only require you to build three specific heroes to obtain the resource. Building these heroes will enable you to complete all the blue quests, which will help you collect more Breath of Life.

Farming Repeatable Quests

Farming Repeatable Quests

Repeatable quests offer a consistent way to acquire Breath of Life in Summoners War Chronicles. However, it’s crucial to farm at the appropriate levels. I recommend farming at level 55, as this level provides the best rewards. If you’re not yet at level 55, you might consider waiting to maximize your Breath of Life gains, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

Additional Methods for Earning Breath of Life

Creature Book Rewards and AFK Farming

By engaging in AFK farming and completing various tasks, you can earn creature book rewards that contain Breath of Life. Different rewards are available for defeating different monsters, so explore various areas in the game to maximize your gains.

Collection Rewards

Collecting specific items can also provide Breath of Life as a reward. For example, obtaining a certain number of fishes, crabs, or eagle rays can yield Breath of Life. Keep an eye on your collection progress, as you might be closer to a reward than you think.


Participating in raids, particularly the easier ones, can also result in Breath of Life rewards. While not all raids offer this resource, it’s worth completing the ones that do to boost your stockpile.

Leveling Up Professions and Achievements

Lastly, leveling up professions and earning achievements can grant you Breath of Life. Although these methods may not be the primary focus of your gameplay, they can provide a nice bonus.

In Conclusion

To sum up, the main ways to obtain Breath of Life in Summoners War Chronicles are through exchanging hero pieces, completing side quests, and farming repeatable quests. Additionally, creature book rewards, collection rewards, raids, and leveling up professions and achievements can all contribute to your Breath of Life stockpile. As a player myself, I hope this guide has provided valuable insights that will help you on your journey in Summoners War Chronicles.

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