How to Get Cuttlefish and Its Skin Fragment in Dave the Diver

How to Get Cuttlefish and Its Skin Fragment in Dave the Diver

If you’re navigating the underwater escapades of “Dave the Diver,” you’re likely hunting for the elusive Cuttlefish and its valuable Skin Fragment. As prized items for weapon upgrades, this guide aims to assist you in your quest to successfully track, capture, and harvest the Cuttlefish, in both the day and night cycles of the game.

How to Get Cuttlefish and Its Skin Fragment

Locating Cuttlefis

In the game “Dave the Diver”, the Cuttlefish call the Blue Hole region their home. It’s an aquatic location teeming with underwater life, mystery, and adventure. No matter the in-game time, be it under the sun or moon, the Cuttlefish are ever present, waiting for the daring divers to test their luck.

Approaching and Capturing Cuttlefish

When you’ve reached the Blue Hole, your next mission is to outsmart the Cuttlefish. They might not be the toughest opponents in “Dave the Diver,” but they come with their unique set of challenges. Opting to use tranquilizers or harpoons for your hunt might be tempting, as it simplifies the capturing process, yet it comes with a trade-off. That is, your chances of procuring the sought-after Skin Fragment drops significantly.

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Speaking of challenges, Cuttlefish are quite crafty. When they sense danger – namely, you – they eject a cloud of ink as a defense mechanism. This not only makes them difficult to see but also poses a risk of inadvertently bumping into other underwater predators. The world of “Dave the Diver” is full of risks! Thus, long-range weapons are recommended whenever possible. It’s safer, and it helps avoid the disorienting ink cloud altogether.

Obtaining Cuttlefish Skin Fragment

You might wonder why all this hassle for a Cuttlefish Skin Fragment. Well, in the realm of “Dave the Diver”, these fragments are more than just collectibles – they are essential components for upgrading your weapons, helping you survive longer and face greater challenges.

Sadly, the Cuttlefish isn’t generous when it comes to dropping these fragments. However, we have a pro tip: using melee weapons like knives can notably increase your chances. They might make the hunt more challenging compared to tranquilizers or harpoons, but the reward is well worth it.

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