How To Get Ether Shards in The Front

How To Get Ether Shards in The Front

Ether Shards have emerged as pivotal elements in The Front. Central to numerous in-game mechanisms, these coveted resources lay the foundation for various crafting ventures and unlock paths. With their pronounced importance, players consistently seek reliable avenues to secure these Ether Shards. Let’s delve into the game’s best practices to amass these resources.

Guaranteed Methods to Obtain Ether Shards in The Front

In The Front a popular game, Ether Shards stand out as a significant currency. These shards are not just an ornamental aspect of the game but play an instrumental role in various crafting recipes and unlocking numerous in-game features. When you’re gearing up to enhance your gameplay, understanding how to effectively obtain these shards becomes paramount. Let’s delve into the guaranteed methods to get your hands on these coveted Ether Shards.


Tasks in The Front can be likened to missions or objectives. Think of them as specific challenges or milestones designed by game developers to test a player’s skill, strategy, and in-game knowledge. Completing these tasks doesn’t just give you a sense of accomplishment but also rewards you handsomely. One of the prime rewards being Ether Shards.

But that’s not all. Every time you conquer a task, besides the Ether Shards, you also earn experience points (XP), which can significantly enhance your gameplay, helping you level up and access advanced features of the game.

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Spacetime Beacon

Venturing into the Spacetime Beacon is a thrilling experience, closely resembling raid-type game modes in other games. The challenge? Navigate through several rounds, each more difficult than the last, testing your prowess at every step. Make it to the end, and you’re in for a treat. The Beacon doesn’t just award supplies but also throws in some unique items like blueprints. And yes, the sought-after Ether Shards are part of the reward package.

Detailed Guide on Accessing Tasks for Ether Shards

Diving into the world of tasks begins at the game menu. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Initiate the game’s main menu; it’s your gateway to all things task-related.
  • Direct your attention to the “Tasks” tab, the hub of all the challenges awaiting you.

Once in the “Tasks” tab, there’s a feature called the “Survival Log.” It’s like your personal diary, chronicling all the tasks at hand. The best part? It lays out a neat list showcasing tasks and the respective rewards they offer. More often than not, Ether Shards feature prominently in these rewards

For those who are always on the go, a quick glance at the top right-hand corner of the game interface showcases the tasks. It’s a handy feature, ensuring you’re always in the loop. For a deeper dive, the game’s main menu holds detailed information about each task, the accompanying rewards, and the XP to be gained.

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Using the Spacetime Beacon for Ether Shards

Navigating the Spacetime Beacon in The Front is a blend of skill, strategy, and timing. It’s not about just rushing through; it’s about mastering each round. And the prize for such mastery? A slew of supplies, ranging from generic resources to the prized blueprints, and of course, Ether Shards.

For those looking for a leg up in the Beacon challenge, combining it with a creature lure can supercharge your efforts. Not only does it elevate the chances of acquiring Ether Shards, but the lure also paves the way for obtaining superior blueprints, making every wave in the Beacon doubly rewarding.

Active engagement is the key to conquering the Spacetime Beacon. Each wave is a unique challenge, and diving headfirst into them amplifies the benefits manifold. Not only do you increase your chances of getting those Ether Shards, but the entire experience becomes a treasure trove of rewards.

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