How to Get Gems In Legend of Slime

How to Get Gems In Legend of Slime

Gems in “Legend of Slime” are a big deal because they let you do all kinds of important stuff, like joining in on slime League runs, refreshing the shop, and getting new summons. If you’re into this game, you’ll want to keep your gem supply flowing. Here’s how to rack up those gems without spending a dime or deciding to open your wallet.

Free Methods to Obtain Gems

Free Methods to Obtain Gems

Daily Quests and Missions

Jumping into daily quests is a no-brainer. They sharpen your skills and are a solid gem source, throwing up to 4,700 gems your way every day. Hit the right quests, and you can top that up to 5,000 gems daily.

Logging In

Just popping into the game daily pays off – 2,000 gems during the week, ramping up to 7,000 gems on Sunday. That’s 29,000 gems every week just for showing up!

Boss Rush

For action lovers, Boss Rush is where it’s at. You can earn between 2,000 to 6,000 gems daily, with the game tossing four keys at you every day for entry. Watching ads can give you extra runs for even more gems.

Special Quests and Missions

Starting out? Special quests guide you and give out gems generously. Holding a premium pass? You’re looking at over 50,000 gems from these challenges.

Roulette and Special Rewards

Don’t miss your daily roulette spins – five chances for more gems or Boss Rush keys.

Flying Gem Boxes

Keep an eye out for flying gem boxes. Each grab is worth 400 gems.

Mining for Gems

Digging in the mines isn’t just for the adventure; it’s also a gem hunt. Some blocks hide between 50 to 150 gems.

Referral and Coupon Codes

Share your unique referral code. For every new player that uses it, you get 500 gems. Coupon codes like “welcome” and “I love 10 million” are instant gem boosters.

Pay-to-Win (P2W) Options

Pay-to-Win (P2W) Options

Slime Club Membership

If you’re serious about “Legend of Slime,” the Slime Club Membership is the ultimate gem source, giving you 150,000 gems monthly.

Additional P2W Packages

Beyond the Slime Club, other packages offer hefty gem payouts. Whether it’s finishing top 3 in the League or completing certain quests, these options keep the gems coming.

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