How to Get Gems In Legend of Slime

How to Get Gems In Legend of Slime

Gems play an instrumental role in “Legend of Slime”, serving as the cornerstone for in-game progression. As the primary in-game currency, they have diverse applications, from fueling your participation in the competitive slime League runs to facilitating shop resets and unlocking exciting summons. If you’re a dedicated player keen on enhancing your gameplay experience, securing a steady flow of these gems is paramount. This guide unpacks the various methods to amass these precious jewels.

Free Methods to Obtain Gems

Free Methods to Obtain Gems

Daily Quests and Missions

Dive into the game every day, and you’ll find a plethora of daily quests awaiting your attention. Not only do they enhance your gaming skills, but they are also a lucrative source of gems. On an average day, executing these quests can pad your virtual wallet with up to 4,700 gems, not forgetting the three coveted tears of slime. And if you’re diligent enough to claim the specific 500-gem quests, you could boost your daily intake to a whopping 5,000 gems.

Logging In

Even if you’re strapped for time, simply launching “Legend of Slime” daily can be rewarding. A regular day fetches you a neat 2,000 gems just for showing up. But the real magic happens on weekends. As Friday dawns, you get 3,000 gems, Saturday bestows 5,000, and by Sunday, you’re richer by 7,000 gems. That’s a tantalizing 29,000 gems every week just for logging in!

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Boss Rush

For those hungry for action and rewards, Boss Rush is your arena. Here, you can challenge your skills and earn anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 gems every day. Moreover, the game hands you four keys daily to unlock this treasure trove.

And if the stars align, you might even find additional keys in the daily shop. For an added boost, consider watching some short ads, granting you two extra Boss Rush runs and potentially more gems.

Special Quests and Missions

If you’re just beginning your journey in “Legend of Slime”, the array of special quests is your golden ticket. While they offer guidance for novices, they’re not shy in dishing out gems. But don’t disregard past quests; holding a premium pass can rake in over 50,000 gems from these challenges alone. Those with a free pass aren’t left behind either, with an offer of around 4,000 gems.

Roulette and Special Rewards

Every day, the game presents you with five opportunities to spin the roulette. Apart from the sheer thrill of it, you can snag gems or even the elusive Boss Rush keys.

Flying Gem Boxes

For the eagle-eyed players, flying gem boxes occasionally appear. Seize them and you’re rewarded with 400 gems each. A nifty strategy some players swear by is hopping in and out of dungeon fights, ensuring they snag these boxes consistently.

Mining for Gems

While venturing into the game’s mines might seem like a mere adventure, it’s a gem-laden one. Certain blocks hold a secret cache of 50 to 150 gems. Dig diligently, and you might stumble upon these hidden treasures.

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Referral and Coupon Codes

Harness the power of community. Each player is given a unique referral code. Share yours, and for every player who uses it, 500 gems land in your account, up to a cool 2,500. Plus, use another player’s code, and you both get 500 gems.

Additionally, keep an eye out for coupon codes. At present, entering “welcome” gifts you 5,000 gems, and “I love 10 million” adds a staggering 10,000 gems.

For those who love exploring new games, “Legend of Slime” rewards you for just that. Install and play partner games or accomplish specific tasks, and you’re showered with gems. However, tread carefully as some tasks might have hidden costs.

Pay-to-Win (P2W) Options

Pay-to-Win (P2W) Options

Slime Club Membership

If you’re looking to take your gameplay to another level, consider the Slime Club Membership. This premium option showers you with 150,000 gems every month, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Additional P2W Packages

While the Slime Club Membership is a gem bonanza, other packages are just as enticing. With options like the Pass offering over 60,000 gems, the benefits are hard to ignore. For the competitive souls, finishing in the top 3 in the League or embarking on treasure/loot quests can also fill your coffers with gems.

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