How To Get and Use The Grappling Hook In Battlefield 2042

How To Get and Use The Grapple In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s got this cool thing going where gadgets make the game more fun, and the grappling hook is one to talk about. It gives you a way to move around fast and brings a bit of strategy into play. Let’s break down how to get this thing and make the most out of it.

Battlefield 2042 is packed with gadgets, but the grappling hook? It’s a game-changer. It lets you zip through the map, getting you from point A to B like you’re in some action movie.

How To Get Grappling Hook In Battlefield 2042

How To Get Grappling Hook In Battlefield 2042

Want the grappling hook? You gotta play as Mackay. He’s the only one who’s got it. But there’s a bit of work to do first – you need to hit level 15 to unlock Mackay and get the hook. The best part about this hook? You can use it as much as you want in a match. No running out or waiting for cooldowns.

Grappling Hook Controls

PC Controls

If you’re on a PC, grabbing the grappling hook is easy. Hit the “3” key, aim at where you wanna go, and press the shoot button. Changed your mind mid-flight? No sweat, hit the jump key to bail.

Console Controls

Console players aren’t left out. Hit the “left” button on the D-pad to pick the grapple, aim, and shoot. Jump key’s there for you if you need to stop halfway.

Grapple Navigation Insights

Once you’re flying towards your grapple point, turning mid-air isn’t happening. But don’t worry, once you land, Battlefield 2042 smooths things out, and you’re back in action without missing a beat.

Grappling Hook in Combat

Battlefield 2042’s maps are full of high places that are perfect for taking the high ground with the grappling hook. It’s great for getting a better view and jumping on enemies when they least expect it. But, heads up, being up high might make you an easy target for snipers.

But the grappling hook isn’t just for getting around. You can actually hit enemies with it, dealing up to 50 damage. And for vehicles that think they can outrun you, the hook can help Mackay catch up quick, setting up for some serious damage with mines or even direct attacks.

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