How to get Hero Shards in Whiteout Survival

How to get Hero Shards in Whiteout Survival

In the digital realm of Whiteout Survival, Heroes are not just eye-candy; they hold significant value in the overall gaming strategy. They are key elements if you aspire to dominate the game. While it’s tempting to think that simply leveling up your Heroes is enough, the reality is far more nuanced. To truly unlock their capabilities and amplify their power, you need more than just experience points. This is where Hero shards come into play.

What are Hero Shards?

If Heroes are the cornerstone of your strategy in Whiteout Survival, consider Hero shards to be the chisel that shapes that stone. These shards are instrumental in fine-tuning the abilities of your Heroes.

Unlike standard upgrades, Hero shards delve deeper into the Heroes’ skill set, enhancing their strength and skills in ways that normal leveling up can’t accomplish. However, obtaining these game-changing elements is easier said than done. They aren’t readily available and require specific methods for acquisition.

How to get Hero Shards

How to get Hero Shards

Navigating the ways to acquire Hero shards in Whiteout Survival can be akin to walking through a maze. Various methods exist, each with its own set of prerequisites and outcomes. Let’s break down these methods one by one to offer a clearer path.

Growth Missions

Think of growth missions as a stepping stone. These are side missions that give you a chance to earn Hero shards, albeit in limited quantities. While the yield is not abundant, the effort required is often minimal.

So, even though you won’t hit the jackpot with growth missions, you’ll still add a respectable number of shards to your collection over time. The easiness makes them worthwhile, especially for newcomers or those who can’t invest a lot of time in the game.

Exploration Stages

Exploration stages are like treasure chests waiting to be unlocked, offering Hero shards of varying rarity levels—rare, epic, and even Mythic. Successfully navigating through these levels not only provides you with Hero shards but also escalates the quality of your rewards.

The further you progress, the more you stand to gain, from better shards to additional resources. And for those who like to multitask, the game offers an Idle Reward feature. This allows players to accumulate various valuable items, such as Hero XP and gems, even when they’re not actively playing, up to a duration of seven hours.

The Shop Menu

Of course, there’s always the direct approach of spending in-game currencies like gems, coins, and tokens in exchange for Hero shards. You can find these opportunities in the Shop menu.

Resources acquired from other facets of the game, like Alliance Championship events or daily mission chests, can be strategically saved and spent here. Just make sure you weigh the cost against the benefit, as you wouldn’t want to deplete all your hard-earned currencies in one go.

Lighthouse and Intel Missions

Intel missions are another consistent source of Hero shards. These missions offer a wide spectrum of shards, ranging from the rare to the Mythic. Not only do they provide shards, but completing them regularly also enhances the quality of future Intel missions and their subsequent rewards. This dynamic makes Intel missions an indispensable tool, especially for players who don’t wish to spend real money on the game.

Defeating the Polar Terror

It’s not all solo gameplay in Whiteout Survival; the community aspect brings its own set of rewards. One of them is the opportunity to earn Hero shards by defeating the Polar Terror, a feat that requires an alliance. Once you’re part of an alliance, collaborative efforts can lead to victory and, consequently, to a generous helping of Hero shards.

Hero Hall

If you’re someone who doesn’t like waiting, Hero Hall is your fast lane to acquiring Hero shards. However, this expressway is not cheap. It demands specific rare items such as Platinum Keys, Gold keys, and gems. Due to its resource-intensive nature, this method is generally favored by players who opt for in-game purchases to expedite their gaming journey.

Buying Game Packages

This brings us to our final method: outright purchasing game packages. This method, while straightforward, requires a degree of financial planning. Game packages come with Hero shards among other benefits.

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