How To Get Polymer In The Front

How To Get Polymer In The Front

The journey to secure Polymer begins with navigating the Tech tree. This robust blueprint outlines various advancements and resources needed for development and progression. In particular, you’ll find Polymer under the ‘Basics’ category. While it’s accessible, you’ll need to invest four Ether Shards to truly unlock its crafting recipe. So, gather those shards and pave your way!

Setting Up the Production Process in The Front

Setting Up the Production Process in The Front

Polymer’s production requires specific equipment in The Front, namely, the Pyrolyzer. This isn’t just any device; it’s a behemoth in the crafting world. Constructing the Pyrolyzer necessitates the amalgamation of seven Machine Parts combined with eight Copper Ingots. Once you’ve gathered these materials and crafted the device, seek a vast expanse in your base for its installation.

With the Pyrolyzer in position, acquaint yourself with its interface by pressing ‘F’. Among the many recipes, zero in on the Polymer. Armed with x2 Crude Oil and x2 Resin, feed these to the Pyrolyzer’s Inventory Bar, and select the ‘Craft’ option.

Sourcing Essential Ingredients

While the Pyrolyzer is pivotal, Polymer’s essence lies in its ingredients: Resin and Crude Oil. Let’s delve into their acquisition:

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Gathering Resin

Resin isn’t just an additive; it’s the backbone of Polymer. There are two predominant pathways to its acquisition. One could resort to the age-old method of tree harvesting, but this tends to be a slow grind. An alternative and swifter method lies in harnessing the power of the Grinding Table. By processing wood through it, Resin production accelerates exponentially.

However, a quick side note: ensure you’ve unlocked the Resin recipe on the Grinding Table, found within the Supplies tree. Furthermore, for those prioritizing Polymer production efficiency, make sure both the Resin and Polymer recipes are activated. Conveniently, they’re neighbors, residing side by side in the Basics tree, adjacent to the Pyrolyzer.

Acquiring Crude Oil

While Resin is fundamental, Crude Oil is equally indispensable. Initially, your source for Crude Oil would be the Manual Miner. Trace the blueprint for the Manual Miner in the Structures category, nestled at the tree’s base. Upon setting up the Manual Miner, remember to toggle its operation to ‘Oil’ mode; otherwise, you might end up with ores instead.

Maintaining Polymer Production

To champion Polymer production, consistency is key. Regularly monitor your Resin and Crude Oil stocks. Depleted stocks can stall your Polymer production, turning a seamless process into a tedious one. Proactively replenish these ingredients, ensuring the Pyrolyzer is never starved of its essential feed.

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