How to Get Reroll in Vampire Survivors

How to Get Reroll in Vampire Survivors

Each stat in Vampire Survivors affects our chance of survivability. This goes double for stats that can improve our chances of a good build. One of those being Reroll. That’s why today, we’ll learn how to get Reroll in Vampire Survivors.

What’s Reroll in Vampire Survivors?

The Reroll stat is useful for improving our chances of survival, no matter what type of character we play.

The reroll stat allows us to reroll the current selection of weapons for a level-up or when choosing from Arcana. The discarded items will not appear in the new set you get, which means there won’t be any odd moments where players get a similar choice of items after using a reroll. These items will still be in the item pool, just not in the next draw. Arcanas are removed from the pool for the duration.

How to get Reroll?

The simplest way to increase your reroll is through the PowerUp menu. This menu is a collection of all the various perks and stats the player will use to beat the game. Reroll is one of these, possessing five ranks that increase its potency.

The first level gives +2 rerolls to any character you play and costs 1,000 gold to unlock. However, Reroll cannot be leveled up until certain achievements are reached. Thankfully, these can be done by simply playing the game.

To unlock each rank of this PowerUp, you’ll need to reach level 80 with the following characters:

  • Mortaccio
  • Yatta Cavallo
  • Bianca Ramba
  • O’Sole Meeo
  • Sir Ambrojoe

Each consecutive rank increases the rerolls by 2. Up to a maximum of 10 rerolls at level 5.

Character Choices

Character Choices Vampire Survivors

Some characters get special reroll stats that increase this stat passively. Overall, it’s a useful stat for those seeking specific builds, so it can be worth trading in other potential skills.

Iguana Gallo Valletto: Gains +3 to their reroll skill. Gallo also gets one extra level at the start, giving you a chance to put those rerolls to use.

Avatar Infernas: A secret playable character with +10 reroll. Avatar Infernas can easily get a few extra items that complement his starting weapon and playstyle.

Queen Sigma: Starts with +108 reroll. However, this character is only included to cover Reroll’s significant sources. She’s extremely powerful, and while Reroll will be useful, she has multiple ways of getting what she needs.


Arcana Vampire Survivors

You can also obtain more Reroll by getting Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana. This Arcana increases Reroll, Skip, and Banish by 3. It will also provide the survivor with +20% Might and -8% cooldown for each empty weapon slot.

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