How to Get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

How to Get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

Scarlet Ore is like the Core Keeper’s ticket to the big leagues. If you’re looking to craft advanced gear, you’ll want this in your inventory. Here’s a rundown on how to snag some for yourself.

Preparation Before Venturing into the Green Biome

Heading into the Green Biome? Get ready first. This place isn’t a walk in the park:

Equipment: Pack your healing items. The Green Biome’s full of surprises that can knock your health down a notch.

Weaponry: A ranged weapon is your best friend here. It keeps you a safe distance away from the nasties lurking around.

Combat Readiness: Keep your guard up. The Green Biome’s unpredictable, so expect the unexpected.

Understanding the Green Biome

This place is basically nature on steroids, sitting right next to the stone biome. Here’s what you’re up against:

  • It’s crawling with unique creatures, including some seriously aggressive Venus fly traps.
  • Watch out for the sneaky ones. Some enemies might try to take you down with a surprise attack.
  • Slime areas are a no-go. They slash your healing by 75% for 30 seconds, so steer clear if you can.

Procedure to Access the Green Biome

Getting in is a bit of a process:

Battle of the Bosses: You gotta take down Ghorm the Devourer, Glurch the Abominous Mass, and the Hive Mother first.

Post-Battle Ritual: Place the boss items around a central core to unlock the next part of your adventure.

Unveiling the Passage: Follow the core’s breadcrumbs to a tough wall. Press ‘E’, and it’ll vanish, opening up new areas, including the Green Biome.

Mining Scarlet Ore in the Green Biome

The ore is hiding behind grass walls in the Green Biome. While a tin or iron pickaxe might work, a Scarlet pickaxe makes it a breeze. Once you get your hands on some ore, upgrade to a Scarlet pickaxe. It’s way more efficient. Keep an eye out while mining. Enemies here are tough and sneaky.

Scarlet Ore Usage

Use Scarlet Ore to make all kinds of advanced stuff, like tools, armor, and weapons.

It’s essential for crafting top-tier equipment. Moving up from iron? Scarlet Ore is your next step.

Additional Tips for Players

Remember, Core Keeper’s worlds are unique each time. Exploration and patience are key. To make mining easier, gear up with items like the ring of rock and ring of stone. They can be game-changers. Grass walls in the Green Biome are tougher than the stone ones, so plan your mining strategy accordingly.

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