How to Get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

How to Get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

Scarlet Ore, a precious and sought-after resource in the game Core Keeper, is the gateway to crafting advanced tools, weapons, and equipment. For players who wish to advance and equip themselves with the best, obtaining this ore becomes a critical mission. This guide dives deep into the intricacies of not only finding but also effectively mining the Scarlet Ore.

Preparation Before Venturing into the Green Biome

Before setting foot in the nature-laden Green Biome, players need to be well-prepared. This preparation can make the difference between a successful ore hunt and an unexpected demise:

Equipment: Always keep an arsenal of healing items on hand. The Green Biome is not for the faint-hearted, with its venomous environment and lurking threats.

Weaponry: Considering the inherent dangers of this biome, it is advisable to carry a ranged weapon. This added range provides a tactical advantage against hidden or fast-moving foes.

Combat Readiness: As the saying goes in Core Keeper circles, “always be ready for a fight”. Given the biome’s unpredictable nature, it’s essential to always be on guard.

Understanding the Green Biome

Renowned as the nature biome, the Green Biome is an enigmatic place located adjacently to the stone biome. A quick rundown of what to expect:

The Green Biome is home to unique creatures, such as the menacing Venus fly traps. Players should also be cautious of stealthy adversaries who hide in the shadows or assail with blow darts.

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Beware of the slime areas; they are not just slippery but come with a severe debuff. Stepping onto one reduces healing by a significant 75% for half a minute. Always be alert to avoid these and other lurking dangers.

Procedure to Access the Green Biome

Access to this elusive biome is earned, not given. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Battle of the Bosses: The journey begins with conquering three formidable world bosses – Ghorm the Devourer, Glurch the Abominous Mass, and the Hive Mother.

Post-Battle Ritual: After achieving victory, players must place the items relinquished by these bosses around a central core. This ritualistic interaction unlocks the next phase.

Unveiling the Passage: Following the core’s instructions leads players to an unyieldable wall. A simple press of the ‘E’ key will see this barrier fade, unveiling the entrance to new, uncharted territories, including the coveted Green Biome.

Mining Scarlet Ore in the Green Biome

Upon exploration, players will find a smelter. This tool uncovers the ability to smelt not just gold bars but also the treasured scarlet bars.

In the Green Biome, grass walls guard the Scarlet Ore. While a tin or iron pickaxe might do the job, a Scarlet pickaxe is the tool of choice. With just two hits, the ore is yours. After obtaining an initial batch, it is highly recommended to switch to a Scarlet pickaxe for the best results.

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Enemies in this biome are notorious for their stealth and strength. Mining can quickly turn into combat, so always be on the lookout.

Scarlet Ore Usage

The efforts to mine the Scarlet Ore are rewarded generously:

Crafting Extravaganza: This valuable ore is the foundation for crafting a myriad of items – be it tools, armor, weapons, or specialized items. Players can elevate their gameplay by crafting advanced equipment.

Beyond Basics: The ore is crucial for creating top-tier equipment like drills and crafting stations. For those transitioning from iron, Scarlet Ore represents the next phase of their in-game evolution.

Additional Tips for Players

Remember, Core Keeper worlds are algorithmically crafted. Each play might bring forth a unique landscape. These biomes sometimes house mazes with impassable walls. Patience and exploration are key. To streamline mining in the Green Biome, gear up with items like the ring of rock and ring of stone. A little tidbit: grass walls in the Green Biome have shown to be more resilient than their stone counterparts in the stone biome. Adjust your strategy accordingly.

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