How To Get The Best Loot in Marauders 

How To Get The Best Loot in Marauders 

Loot in Marauders can be easily found on the map if you have the right locations. Loot is always found inside a vault, which has multiple locations and requires some searching. Below we have put together how to get the best loot in Mauraders and how that can benefit you and your gaming experience in the Mauraders game!

Best Loot in Marauders: Locations

The best loot in Marauders is always found inside the big vaults. Below we have listed the best vaults to find loot in the Marauders game. Take note that they are usually always found inside raid areas. Let’s take a look!

Terraformer Vault

Found in the main production area, the terraformer vault will be seen by finding the sign above the vault that reads “Terraformer”. This vault is explicitly found in the building with the water tower touching the wall.

Mining Vault

To find the mining vault you will need to be in the Air Processing area Once you pass a dead body head to the left and open a door to stairs leading downwards. Once downstairs take one more left and open the door. Here you should find the MineVault right in front of you. 

Space Port Vault

Located at the bar in the middle of the map. In order to find the Space Port Vault, you must walk to the back of the area where you will see a hallway leading to a new room. There will be a security space on your left, and if you keep going straight, you will run into the Space Port Vault. 

Merchant Ship

Although this location does not have a vault, it is still another great location with multiple items to loot that is great to add to the collection. This location is resembling a damaged capital ship and is full of AIs so tread lightly when looting. Although, this is what makes the Merchant Ship a great looting place in Marauders!

How to Open Vault for Loot in Marauders

For the best loot in Marauders, it is best to learn how to open a vault to gain access! Below are the steps in which to take to open a vault in Marauders:

  1. Use a blowtorch to melt three bolts that are located on the right side of the volt.
  2. Once all three are successfully destroyed enter the vault!
  3. You are now able to commence the looting process.

Locked Door Loot in Marauders

Locked doors usually always carry a small vault of loot. Although they are not the biggest amount of loot, they do count and are worth raiding. In order to open a locked door all you need is a lockpick to enter. 

Locked doors are typically made of iron bars, so there is no way of entering unless you have the lockpick. Once it is opened, make sure to loot everything inside as fast as possible. Usually, there are two really good loot items inside. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to get the best loot in Marauders, we hope you found this useful along with our tips and tricks on how to play Marauders. Looting in Marauders is extremely important, so knowing where you can loot vaults is even more vital!

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