How To Get The Widow Maker In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Get The Widow Maker In Cyberpunk 2077

In the sprawling world of Cyberpunk 2077, there are countless weapons to discover, but few hold the allure and unique capabilities of the Widow Maker. This guide offers a comprehensive roadmap to help players locate and acquire this potent tech sniper rifle.

Detailed Process of Obtaining the Widow Maker In Cyberpunk 2077

Detailed Process of Obtaining the Widow Maker In Cyberpunk 2077

Before embarking on your quest for the Widow Maker, it’s crucial to have advanced your gameplay to the game’s second act. Only then does the path to this unique weapon unlock.

As part of your journey in Cyberpunk 2077’s second act, you’ll stumble upon a significant mission named “Ghost Town.” This mission is your ticket to getting closer to the coveted rifle.

Venturing deeper into the “Ghost Town” mission, you’ll encounter the enigmatic character, Rogue, in the afterlife. To propel the story forward, and inch closer to the Widow Maker, Rogue asks for a sum of 15,000 Euro Dollars. It’s imperative to have this amount handy to progress.

Once you’ve made your financial transaction with Rogue, she’ll introduce you to Panam. This new acquaintance plays a pivotal role in your mission to secure the Widow Maker.

As you team up with Panam, your first task is to help her recover her car. This step is straightforward, but what follows is a bit more challenging.

In a twist of events, a sudden ambush awaits you at a gas station. As bullets fly, you’ll quickly realize that Nash, the character tied to the Widow Maker, is conspicuously absent from this battle.

After the gas station ambush, Panam is fueled with a desire for revenge against Nash. While she presents multiple conversation pathways, it’s vital to choose the dialogue option stating, “Ok. So where’s this hideout?” Opting for this ensures you remain on track to retrieve the Widow Maker.

Panam will then guide you to Nash’s hideout. This location is concealed within a compact tunnel nestled in the Badlands, specifically on the map’s right side.

Brace yourself, for as you enter this lair, a massive gunfight ensues. Interestingly, the number of adversaries here is noticeably larger than previous skirmishes in the game.

Amidst the chaos, be wary of a hacker lurking among the enemies, trying to breach your system. Prioritize neutralizing this threat before focusing on the other foes.

Navigate to the hideout’s second floor, and you’ll find Nash, the primary target, positioning himself strategically and taking shots.

Overpower and eliminate Nash. Upon his defeat, a moment of victory awaits as the Widow Maker rifle becomes available for loot in Cyberpunk 2077.

Additional Information and Post-Acquisition Options

The Widow Maker isn’t just any regular rifle. Classified as a rare Iconic Tech Precision Rifle, it boasts considerable firepower and stands out in Cyberpunk 2077’s arsenal.

There’s a second chance to claim this weapon. Venture into the “Queen of the Highway” quest, and towards its climax, you might find the Widow Maker available for looting from fallen adversaries.

Owning the Widow Maker in Cyberpunk 2077 opens up avenues for further customization. With the right in-game perks – the Grease Monkey Perk and the Edgerunner Artisan Perk – players can craft both the Epic and Legendary versions of this rifle, enhancing its capabilities even further.

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