How to increase power in Summoners War Chronicles

How to increase power in Summoners War Chronicles

Increasing power in In Summoners War Chronicles is extremely important for a few reasons. The first reason is that you will be able to progress faster and further with more power and the second reason is that you will need a lot of power for the end game where you will compete against pay-to-win players.

In this guide, we’ll explore various strategies to improve your game without resorting to pay-to-win tactics. Read on to learn about everything from monsters and runes to gear and skills, so you can dominate the competition. We have other guides that will help you as a free-to-play player, like the Summoners War Chronicles Cooking Recipes, Spending Crystals, How to get Breath of Life, and Summoners War Chronicles codes, which will give you free items and crystals.

Focus on your monsters

The first step to increasing your power in Summoners War Chronicles is to focus on your monsters. Monsters are the backbone of your power, so it’s crucial to maximize their potential. Here’s what you should do:

Evolve, Awaken, and Skill Up: Make sure to fully evolve, awaken, and skill up your monsters to unleash their true potential. Focusing on three-star and four-star monsters is a smart move, as they’re easier to max out and still provide significant power boosts.

Choose Wisely: Instead of trying to level up every monster in your collection, concentrate on those with the best skills and stats that complement your overall strategy.


Runes are another major source of power in Summoners War Chronicles. They can make a massive difference in your overall strength, so it’s essential to optimize them. To do so, you should:

Upgrade Your Runes: Push your runes to +15 to fully unlock their potential. Focus on runes with decent statistics, and replace them as you find better options.

Strategize: Plan your rune sets carefully, and make sure they align with your monsters’ strengths and your overall strategy. This will help maximize your power gains.

Boost Runes with Enchantments and Effects

Farming Runes Summoners War Chronicles

To squeeze even more power from your runes, consider applying enchantments and effects. This will further boost your stats and give you an edge in battle. You can obtain materials for enchanting and applying effects through alchemy and expeditions, so make sure to level up your alchemy profession and complete expeditions regularly.

Gear Up

Your gear plays a crucial role in Summoners War Chronicles. The better your gear, the more power you’ll have. Here’s what you need to know to enhance your gear:

Upgrade Durability: Restore and increase your gear’s durability to keep it in top shape.

Equip Gems: Gems are powerful additions to your gear that provide valuable stat boosts. Make sure to equip gems that complement your monsters and strategy.

Apply Effect Stones: Use effect stones to further enhance your gear and gain even more power.

Unlock Abilities

Skilling up your abilities is another effective way to increase your power in Summoners War Chronicles. Be strategic about which skills you upgrade, focusing on the ones that are most beneficial for your monsters and playstyle. Obtain books from expeditions and convert research logs into skill points through alchemy to level up your skills.

Get More Monster Collection

The collection book is an often-overlooked source of power in Summoners War Chronicles. By unlocking specific monster effects in your collection book, you’ll gain power boosts that apply to your entire team. So, don’t hoard your summons – use them as soon as possible to expand your collection and improve your overall power. If you are not sure what are the best monsters than feel free to check out the Summoners War Chronicles tier list.

Trial of Ascension

The Trial of Ascension is a fantastic way to increase your power in Summoners War Chronicles. By completing tower stages and challenges, you’ll obtain materials that can be used to upgrade your hero’s stats. This will provide a significant power boost both inside and outside the tower.

Craft Outfits

As you reach the end game in Summoners War Chronicles, crafting outfits becomes more important. Outfits provide additional stats that can significantly improve your power. While some outfits can be obtained through farming raids or completing side quests, others require more advanced crafting.

Keep in mind that focusing on outfits should be a priority only when you have optimized other aspects of your game, as it’s a more time-consuming and resource-intensive process.


Boosting your power in Summoners War Chronicles is an ongoing process that requires dedication, strategic thinking, and smart resource management. By focusing on your monsters, runes, gear, skills, collection book, Trial of Ascension, and eventually crafting outfits, you can steadily increase your power without relying on pay-to-win tactics. As you progress through the game, remember to stay consistent in your efforts and continually refine your strategy.

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