How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors Guide

How to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a rogue-like survival game against waves of monsters. As a player, you should utilize the weapons and upgrades as you progress in the game. 

The unique thing about this game is that even though its display is set like the classic 90s graphics, surviving its 30-minute wave of monsters is addicting enough to play. 

If you are reading this article, you might have started your Vampire Survivors’ journey and are looking for some tips on how to survive the horde of vampires and monsters. In particular, if you want to know how to kill Death in Vampire Survivors, you have come to the right place. 

Who is Death in Vampire Survivors?

Who is Death in Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors, it is your goal to last for 30 minutes against a sea of monsters. However, after surviving each stage over the 30-minute mark, Death, also known as The Reaper, appears once every minute to kill you and end your run. 

When Death appears, it will immediately release damage of 65,535 to your character. You can survive Death by Revivals and get a stacking bonus on each revive. However, surviving Death and killing it are two different things. 

It is almost impossible to kill Death without a strategy since it has a health bar that is more than a thousand times your current level. But there are strategies you can follow to kill Death in the game.  

Strategies to Kill Death in Vampire Survivors

Kill Death in Vampire Survivors

Normally, Death is difficult to kill since it is set to end your run. But if you want to get some bonus and survive more than the 30-minute mark, here are some of the strategies you can follow: 

Strategy #1: Crimson Shroud + Infinite Corridor

The Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor combination is probably the most popular method to defeat Death. Crimson Shroud is a shield that limits the damage caused by Death to 10 at a time. You can obtain this item by evolving Laurel with Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right – all at their max level. 

Meanwhile, the Infinite Corridor has a health-halving effect on Death, making it easier to kill in a fair amount of time. Evolving Clock Lancet with Silver Ring and Gold Ring – all at their max level – results in Infinite Corridor. 

It is best to use these two items together. However, if you have not unlocked the Crimson Shroud, you should maximize the freeze effect of the Infinite Corridor to prevent the attack from Death. 

Using the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor is the only way to obtain the Golden Egg bonus and the appearance of White Hand, a creature that appears after Death to end your run. 

Strategy #2: Obtain a Level 200 Toastie

Toastie is a secret character in Vampire Survivors. Once it reaches Level 200, it can go against Death without receiving too much damage, thanks to its armor. But since there is no tutorial in-game on how you can get a toastie, you can follow the steps below: 

  1. Unlock Exdash Exiiviq by typing ‘x-x1viiq’ on the main menu or get the chance to unlock it through Little Clover. 
  2. Kill a Downer or a Stalker, which appears while in-game. 
  3. Right after defeating a Downer or a Stalker, Toastie will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  4. Immediately press the down arrow key and Enter.
  5. Once you hear a short jingle, you have successfully unlocked Toastie.

After getting Toastie, you need to prioritize Toastie to level up to 200, so it can go head-to-head with Death effectively. You can also upgrade its defense by using items or purchasable improvements, such as PowerUp and Awake Arcana. 

Strategy #3: Using Suor Clerici

The two strategies mentioned above are the most common ways to defeat Death. But another strategy you can do is to use Suor Clerici’s ability to limit leveling up your character and Death’s health bar. 

You can follow the steps presented below to use Suor Clerici to defeat Death: 

  1. To prevent leveling up to Level 3, remove Magnet upgrades and Growth stat. 
  2. In Inlaid Library, start with Suor Clerici and obtain the green XP gem located on the table for your first upgrade. 
  3. Make sure to get the Runetracer. If not, restart and rerun the game. 
  4. Once you obtain the Runetracer for your first upgrade, stand behind the chair and table where you located the gem. 
  5. Avoid getting XP from the ground, and make sure your character is smaller than the area of the Runetracer.   
  6. By the five-minute mark, locate the red XP gem but stay stuck inside the Runetracer. 
  7. Once Death appears, immediately run to the red XP gem’s location to level up around 100 levels. 

Death’s health bar is relatively smaller than usual since it appears when your HP is at a low level. Then after leveling up with the red XP gem, you can now face Death with an upgraded version of your character. 

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