How to Level Up in Lies of P

How to Level Up in Lies of P

In the realm of “Lies of P”, advancing your character’s prowess hinges on understanding the game’s intricate leveling system. Central to this system are character stats, each responsible for different facets of your in-game avatar.

For instance, increasing ‘Vitality’ not only strengthens your maximum health but also elevates your guard regain and general resistances. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to give your weapons a notable edge, focusing on ‘Technique’ is a smart move, amplifying the damage potential of certain weaponry.

The in-game currency, known as Ergo, plays a pivotal role in the leveling equation. Whether you’re vanquishing puppets, taking down formidable bosses, offloading inventory items, or unlocking Ergo collectibles, there are a plethora of ways to boost your Ergo count.

It’s essential to recognize the difference between Basic Ergo, useful for general leveling and shopping sprees, and Special Ergo—a rarer variant dropped primarily by bosses that might be more judiciously spent or saved.

Early Game Leveling Mechanics

For those embarking on their journey in “Lies of P”, Stargazers serve as the initial leveling hub. Players familiar with “Dark Souls” or “Bloodborne” will find a nostalgic semblance, with Stargazers mirroring the functionalities of bonfires or lanterns from those titles.

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As you invest Ergo into leveling up, anticipate an incremental surge in the required amount for subsequent levels—this mechanism is reminiscent of the seasoned “souls” games.

However, it’s crucial to be alert to changes in game mechanics. Once Hotel Krat’s majestic doors swing open to you, Stargazers’ utility for leveling dwindles.

Transition to Hotel Krat for Leveling Up

Post the introduction to Hotel Krat, Sophia becomes your primary contact for leveling up. Drawing parallels to the firekeeper from “Dark Souls II”, she becomes a vital touchpoint. On reaching Hotel Krat, seek out Sophia, usually stationed near the imposing Stargazer on the gold platform. While her exact location might occasionally shift, her relevance never wanes.

Given that Stargazers also double up as teleporters, players should first teleport to Hotel Krat and then converse with Sophia for their leveling requirements. It’s worth noting that as you progress in “Lies of P”, the Ergo requisite for leveling augments, emphasizing strategic planning.

Strategies for Collecting Ergo Efficiently

Ergo, in its essence, is the lifeblood for Puppets in the game. Defeating adversaries, from the unassuming puppet dogs to the more daunting police officers, garners you Ergo—though the amount varies based on the challenge they present.

A pivotal strategy for an optimal Ergo inflow involves grasping enemy spawn locations and then strategically farming these zones. The Krat Central Station Plaza stands out as a potent Ergo farming ground.

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By devising a path from the Krat Central Station Plaza Stargazer through to the Wandering Merchant near the Parade Master boss, players can rake in a promising 1600-2000 Ergo per run.

Advanced Leveling Mechanisms

Delving deeper into the game unveils a broader array of stats awaiting augmentation. From Vigor, which uplifts your stamina, to Motivity and Advance, which respectively refine heavy physical attacks and status resistances—there’s a stat for every playstyle. Post your tussle with the Parade Master, leveling dynamics evolve.

Sophia at Hotel Krat becomes your primary leveling ally, urging regular visits to her. Yet, be wary, as narrative twists might occasionally limit leveling options, reverting Stargazers to their original function.

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