How to Level Up Slimes In Legend of Slime

How to Level Up Slimes In Legend of Slime

Central to your success in “Legend of Slime” is the mine—a core component of the game. Remarkably, players have the opportunity to unlock this feature within their initial day of gameplay.

The mine isn’t merely a backdrop; it’s where the magic happens. You’ll equip yourself with tools, such as the pickaxe, drill, and dynamite, to delve deeper and unearth precious resources. For the committed player, frequenting the mine two to three times daily is recommended for optimal results.

Mining Strategies

Success in the mine isn’t merely about tools but strategy. To enhance your slime’s abilities, your aim should be to achieve depth milestones. For instance, reaching 250 meters in the mine uncovers valuable items. Delving even deeper, to 650 meters, unlocks the coveted miner chests.

Another strategic move is to stay alert for the blue-hued XP shards. When you spot these at the 250-meter mark, prioritize mining them. Furthermore, if you’re keen on extending your mining sessions, watching in-game ads can offer additional pickaxes. For those with a keen eye on efficiency, upgrading the pickaxe capacity can significantly enhance your mining experience.

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Obtaining XP Shards

XP shards are the lifeblood of your leveling journey. These special shards, gleaming in blue, are the ticket to elevating your slime’s abilities. As you mine, you’ll encounter these invaluable items. Remember, the deeper you mine, especially past the 250-meter mark, the higher your chances of obtaining more XP shards.

Leveling Up Slimes

When it comes to leveling up, precision is key. Head over to the dedicated slime page and select the “Change Character” option. Here, all your acquired slimes are displayed, waiting for your command. With the “Enhance” button at your disposal, you can utilize your collected XP shards to inject experience points into your chosen slime. Achieving milestones, such as 50 points at once, brings you closer to the apex levels, like the coveted level 75.

Enhancing Slime Mastery

But leveling up isn’t the endgame. As your slimes ascend, you earn Mastery Points. These points are pivotal, allowing you to access the Mastery Tree—a hub of upgrades for your slimes. For players aiming for speed and efficiency, unlocking the XP upgrades on the Mastery Tree is a game-changer. And for those looking to recalibrate their strategy, a skill tree reset is available at the cost of a mere 10 gems.

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Benefits of Leveling Up

The merits of leveling up in “Legend of Slime” are manifold. Every level gained amplifies the “own effect,” bolstering the attack prowess of all your slimes. Specific milestones, like reaching level 50 for the renowned “Cobalt” slime, unveil unique skills and capabilities.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Players can anticipate perks like a 60% boost in HP and an additional 100 attack points, fortifying their in-game dominance.

Additional Game Information

While the universe of “Legend of Slime” is expansive, a few nuggets of information are essential. A diverse ensemble of seven slimes awaits your command, with some available for free, while others, like the impressive “Cobalt,” might require a purchase. Each slime, with its unique abilities and boosts, offers a fresh strategy, ensuring that the game remains an ever-evolving challenge for players.

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