How to Level Up Slimes In Legend of Slime

How to Level Up Slimes In Legend of Slime

Getting ahead in “Legend of Slime” means making the most of the mine from day one. This place isn’t just for show; it’s where you get down to business, finding stuff that makes your slimes stronger. If you’re serious, hitting the mine two or three times a day is the way to go.

Mining Strategies

Mining smart is more than just swinging a pickaxe. You want to hit certain depths because that’s where the good stuff is. For example, get down to 250 meters to find cool items, and 650 meters gets you into the really good miner chests. Keep an eye out for blue XP shards around 250 meters and grab them first. Need more time in the mine? Ads can give you extra pickaxes, and boosting your pickaxe capacity makes everything smoother.

Obtaining XP Shards

XP shards are crucial for leveling up your slimes. These blue gems pop up as you dig deeper, especially past 250 meters. The deeper you go, the more you’ll find, which is exactly what you need.

Leveling Up Slimes

When it’s time to level up, choose “Change Character” on the slime page to see all your slimes. Hit “Enhance” to use your XP shards and pump up your favorite slime. Hitting big milestones, like adding 50 points at once, can get you to awesome levels like 75.

Enhancing Slime Mastery

Leveling up is just part of the game. Every level gives you Mastery Points, which let you unlock upgrades on the Mastery Tree. This is where you boost your XP gains and other cool stuff. Need a do-over? Resetting your skill tree costs just 10 gems.

Benefits of Leveling Up

Leveling up makes your slimes way stronger. Each level ups their “own effect,” boosting attack for all your slimes. Hitting level 50 with “Cobalt” slime, for example, unlocks special skills. Plus, you can get big HP boosts and more attack points, making you tougher in the game.

Additional Game Information

“Legend of Slime” is huge, with seven different slimes to play with. Some are free, while others, like “Cobalt,” might cost you. Each one brings something new to the table, keeping the game interesting and challenging.

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