How To Open a Coffin In Vampire Survivors

How To Open a Coffin In Vampire Survivors

There are a lot of secrets and tricks in Vampire Survivors. Unfortunately, a lot of them can be easy to miss or confusing to get to. Coffins are on the more apparent side, but quite a few players could miss them completely. Below, we’ll explain how to open a coffin in Vampire Survivors and what they mean.

Coffins in Vampire Survivors

Coffins in Vampire Survivors

Coffins are spread throughout the maps of Vampire Survivors. Each has to be located either by stumbling about or using the Milky Way Map. If you aim to explore plainly, you’ll probably have quite a difficult time. Maps are huge, and there will be very few directions.

The easier way to engage with the coffins is through a Milkway Map. This map will provide us with ample directions toward the coffin. Of course, it will still take a while to reach these coffins, but at the very least, we’ll know which direction to go.

Milky Way Map

You can find the Milky Way Map by looking for it in the Dairy Plant. It will be indicated with the red arrow at the bottom of the screen. Follow the arrow until it disappears. That’s where the player will find the map. However, enemies must be defeated before you can pick Milky Way Map up, so be careful.

What to do once we reach a coffin in Vampire Survivors?

After we’ve battled our way toward the coffin, our struggles aren’t done. We still have to deal with the defenses around the coffin. There will always be huge and powerful enemies defending each coffin. They will move closer and farther away from the coffin, dealing decent damage on contact.

Be careful about these enemies. It’s easy to make a mistake and suffer a huge loss of health points. Although you can reach the coffin by just making an opening, you should eliminate all the enemies. After the coffin has been opened, coffin enemies will start following the player, making for a much bigger problem.

What’s in the coffin?

What's in the coffin

Each coffin contains a character. This is the only way to unlock these specific characters, so make sure to find them all:

  • Mad Forest: This coffin unlocks Pugnala Provola. With her unlocked, you’ll be able to unlock Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow, two firearm weapons in the game. To do so, you must survive 10 and 15 minutes with Pugnala.
  • Inlaid Library: This coffin unlocks Giovanna Grana. Unlocking her will allow you to unlock Gatti Amari, a powerful but inaccurate companion weapon. The player can gain this weapon by surviving for 15 minutes with Giovanna.
  • Dairy Plant: This coffin unlocks Poppea Pecorina. Unlocking her will allow you to unlock Song of Mana, a powerful area-of-effect weapon. You can get it by surviving 15 minutes with Poppea.
  • Gallo Tower: This coffin unlocks Concetta Caciotta. Unlocking her will allow you to unlock Shadow Pinion, a decently powerful and fast area weapon. You can get it by surviving 15 minutes with Concetta.
  • Cappella Magna: This coffin unlocks Zi’Assunta Belpaese. Unlocking her will allow you to unlock Vento Sacro, a strong whip weapon. You can get it by surviving 15 minutes with Zi’Assunta.

Coffin Unlocks Create New Combo Opportunities in Vampire Survivors

The builds and combos in Vampire Survivors can get powerful. However, to get a chance to build some of these, we’ll need weapons unlocked through characters in the coffins.

Pugnala’s firearms are powerful area-of-effect weapons with projectiles going out in an X shape, centered on our character. That makes them great for forming paths through waves of enemies and controlling the crowd’s movement. 

Giovanna’s cats aren’t too good but can help with bosses due to their huge damage. You’ll probably utilize them with a more reliable source of damage or area-of-effect weapons that hit close to you.

Poppea’s Song of Mana is an extremely powerful vertical area of effect that can easily clear a lot of space with each activation. Combining this weapon with longer-ranged ones is a great idea. Enemies get weakened at range and get eliminated once Song of Mana activates.

Concetta’s weapon is in the same pool as Giovanna’s. Shadow Pinion has far fewer uses across the builds.

Zi’Assunta provides us with Vento Sacro, which is the second whip of the game. Evolving it along with Bloody Tear will lead to incredibly potent damage and healing combined. Freeing up an extra slot as well.

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