How To Plant Seeds In The Front

How To Plant Seeds In The Front

In the expansive universe of “The Front”, players often seek ways to self-sustain and thrive. One of the most vital skills to master is the art of planting seeds. For the aspiring gardener in you, getting started requires a couple of fundamental tools: a stash of seeds and a pivotal item known as the Small Crop Plot. Let’s delve into the ins and outs of planting in this game.

Unlocking and Building the Small Crop Plot

Before you can exhibit your green thumb, it’s essential to unlock and then construct the Small Crop Plot. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Navigating the Game Interface: Begin your journey in the Structures section found under the Tech Tree. Dive deeper, and you’ll identify the Small Crop Plot nestled snugly between two other items – the Manual Miner and the Fish Basket.
  • Gathering Materials: Now, before building can commence, you’ll need to stock up on some specific resources. Collect 20 pieces of wood, 15 stones, and a bundle of 20 fibers. With these in hand, you’re all set to craft your Small Crop Plot.

Step-by-Step Process to Plant Seeds

Armed with your seeds and Small Crop Plot, you’re now ready for the actual planting. Here’s a methodical approach to ensure your crops flourish:

  • Setup: The first step is all about preparation. Shift the Small Crop Plot from your backpack, placing it onto the main Inventory Bar. Simultaneously, make sure your seeds are also equipped on this bar.
  • Planting Action: Once prepared, move closer to the Small Crop Plot. As you’re near, focus on the vivid green spaces – these indicate areas ripe for planting. With a simple click of the Left Mouse Button, watch as your seeds take root in these patches.
  • Planting Insights: A couple of things to bear in mind for success – always have your seeds on the hot bar. If they’re merely sitting in your inventory, they won’t serve their purpose. And as for the Small Crop Plot’s green zones? Make full use of them. By planting in every available space, you ensure that none of your precious seeds go to waste.
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Monitoring and Enhancing Crop Growth

Now, as every seasoned gardener knows, planting the seeds is just the beginning. Here’s how to ensure your crops grow robust and healthy:

  • Fertilizer’s Role: For crops that grow faster and stronger, fertilizer is your best friend. It not only enriches the soil but also accelerates the pace at which your crops grow.
  • Keeping Tabs on Soil Stats: The state of your soil is paramount for your crops’ well-being. To get insights, simply move your cursor over the soil bed. A plethora of information unfurls, showcasing the soil’s Hydration, Sunlight, and even Temperature levels.
  • Adapting to Regions: “The Front” is vast, and its varied regions impact soil stats. For instance, if you find yourself in the Desert region, expect the soil’s hydration to dip.

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