How To Play With Friends Crew Motorfest

How To Play With Friends Crew Motorfest

Before diving into the exciting world of Crew Motorfest with your buddies, there are a couple of essential steps you need to complete. The first requirement is to ensure you’ve invested at least 15 minutes into the game. After this brief gameplay, you’ll be prompted to select one of your starting cars, which, once done, unlocks the coveted ‘play with friends’ feature.

Steps to Invite Friends to Your Crew

Inviting friends to join you in this exhilarating journey is relatively straightforward, with a couple of options at your disposal.

Using Platform’s Menu

Players can rely on the convenience of their gaming platform’s inbuilt menu to reach out to friends. Sending an invite from here is both intuitive and fast.

Through The Crew Motor Fest Menu

If you prefer a more in-game method, The Crew Motor Fest’s menu is your go-to. Start by:

  • Heading over to the Crew Motor Fest menu and locating your profile.
  • From here, select the ‘Crew Management’ option.
  • Browse through to find your friend, and upon clicking on their profile, an “Invite to Crew” option will pop up

A word of caution for those with friends new to the game: an orange timer might be displayed next to the “Invite to Crew” option. This is a temporary hold, and once it expires, your friend will be all set to accept your invite.

Acceptance and Joining of Friend to the Crew

After extending the invite, a bit of patience is key. Once your friend gives the nod to your invite, they won’t instantly pop into your Crew Motorfest game. Allow a few minutes, during which you can explore the map or perhaps discover new routes. Soon, you’ll find your friend right beside you, ready for some action.

Playing a Playlist Together

Diving into a playlist with your crew is an exhilarating experience. To ensure synchronization and shared gameplay, when opting for a playlist, always select “Play” followed by the “Crew” option. This ensures you all venture into the same gaming session, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

Detailed Guide to Inviting Friends Using Controls

For those who are sticklers for details or perhaps new to gaming, here’s a more granulated guide:

  • Whether you’re keyboard-bound or wielding an Xbox controller, getting to the main menu of The Crew Motor Fest is your first move.
  • For keyboard users, the ‘B’ key is your gateway, while Xbox enthusiasts should rely on the ‘X’ button.
  • Post initiation, you’ll be faced with a choice: invite someone from your friends list or someone from your current gaming session. Make your pick!
  • Once the choice is made, proceed to send them an invite.
  • As with all good things, a bit of waiting is involved here too. Stay put until your friend accepts and joins your crew. Their name will confirm their entry as it appears on your crew list.
  • The proof of a successful crew formation is seeing your friend’s name neatly displayed on the crew list. For this, simply exit the main menu, and on the right side of the subsequent screen, your friend’s name will shine, marking the beginning of countless adventures together.

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