How to Reset Perks and Attribute Points in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Reset Perks and Attribute Points in Cyberpunk 2077

In the vast world of Cyberpunk 2077, character development hinges significantly on two critical factors: perks and attributes. These two elements mold your character’s abilities and overall performance in the Night City landscape, shaping your unique gameplay experience.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Update 2.0 wasn’t just a typical patch. It revolutionized combat, equipment, and skills. This dramatic shift, while invigorating, meant that many previous character builds became outdated. To combat this challenge, players found a pressing need to respec or reconfigure their characters, ensuring their avatars remained competitive and tailored to their playstyle.

How to Respec Perks in Cyberpunk 2077

There are two primary respecing avenues in Cyberpunk 2077: Perk Respec and Attribute Respec. Each has its uniqueness. While Perk Respec is about refunding and reallocating perk points for abilities, Attribute Respec focuses on the broader attribute categories, such as Body or Intelligence.

To begin the process of Perk Respec, players must navigate to the game’s character tab. From there, they’ll see a list of attributes, each housing specific perks. By hovering over a chosen perk, a ‘refund’ prompt appears. Players need to be mindful of their control scheme:

  • On Xbox, it’s the Y button.
  • PlayStation users will use the Triangle button.
  • PC gamers should click the middle mouse button.

However, the path isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes, attempting to refund a perk results in an “Action Blocked” message. This often means that another perk is dependent on the one you’re trying to refund.

A small yellow line connects dependent perks, hinting at which to refund first. Furthermore, if your cyberware cap is affected by the refund, you might need to unequip certain cyberware items to proceed.

One significant advantage of the new system is its ease. Gone are the days of buying the Tabula e-Rasa shard for 25,000 Eddies or visiting a ripperdoc. Now, players can dynamically manage their perks, experimenting without any financial hit.

Resetting Attributes in Cyberpunk 2077

Resetting Attributes in Cyberpunk 2077

The process to reset attributes is a tad different. First, players should access the character menu, finding the “Reset Attributes” button usually placed at the bottom left. Yet, caution is crucial here. Players can only reset attributes once per playthrough, making this a vital decision. Once you click and confirm, the game refunds all attribute points, waiting for the player to redistribute them as they see fit.

This newfound flexibility in attribute management is a product of Update 2.0. Both new and seasoned players were given a one-time free attribute reset, likely due to the game’s dramatic changes, especially in the perks and cyberware sectors.

Resetting Attributes

User Experience in Respecing

Cyberpunk 2077 has always focused on player experience, and respecing is no exception. The user interface is designed for convenience. The absence of a “Refund All” button means players get a more personalized touch, manually selecting which perks to keep and which to refund.

Plus, post Update 2.0, loading an older game version automatically reimburses all perk points. To check if you’re running this version, simply head to your save’s character menu. A notification should pop up, indicating all perk and attribute points have been reset. Make sure that you check out other guides that will help you like Chimera Core in Cyberpunk 2077 and how to get Ken Block Car in Cyberpunk 2077.

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