How To Respec In Lies of P

How To Respec In Lies of P

The capability to tweak your in-game character’s abilities in “Lies of P” is not a feature you can access from the get-go. Instead, players need to immerse themselves deeper into the narrative, journeying until Chapter VII. Here, the doors to respeccing start to creak open.

Unlock Respeccing In Lies of P

Progress isn’t just a matter of time but of skill and strategy. As you venture through “Lies of P,” you’ll need to conquer roughly 11 formidable bosses to gain entry to Area VII. And it isn’t just about the bosses.

Hordes of enemies and challenging mini-bosses pepper the landscape. The game challenges you early on, nudging you to carve out your path and decide on your weapon investments. Interestingly, these decisions remain with you until a pivotal battle with Champion Victor in the Grand Exhibition Hall. Once this opponent is in the rearview, a cutscene offers you a key, a hint of what’s next.

Steps to Initiate Respeccing In Lies of P

Steps to Initiate Respeccing In Lies of P

Firstly, after vanquishing Champion Victor and subsequently encountering Simon Manus, you’ll find a unique key in your inventory. This isn’t just any key; it’s the one that unlocks the realm of respeccing.

To locate the Saintess of Mercy Statue, your primary point for respeccing, follow these directions: depart the boss arena, make your way towards the entrance, and venture right up the stairs. A greenhouse with a door beckons.

Here’s where your hard-earned key comes into play. Navigate the garden area, and you’ll discover a grandiose green door, which the key fits perfectly. Behind this door is where the magic—or rather, the mechanics—of respeccing happen.

Once inside, you’re met with choices. The Saintess of Mercy Statue isn’t just an ornamental piece; it’s your tool to mold and shape your character anew. You can recalibrate your character’s level, fine-tune P-Organ allocations, or rejig the Legion Arm upgrades. However, nothing comes without a price.

Gold Coin Fruits are your currency for these modifications. These aren’t coins you can simply stumble upon. Resetting levels or P-Organs will set you back by 10 Gold Coin Fruit, whereas Legion Arm alterations are slightly cheaper, requiring 5 Gold Coin Fruit.

Obtaining Gold Coin Fruits for Respeccing

Now, you might be wondering about the origin of these Gold Coin Fruits. There’s an intriguing Gold Coin Tree, its roots set deep in the yard outside Hotel Krat. But this tree isn’t just there for anyone to pluck its fruits. It unveils itself only after you’ve completed the milestones in Malum District.

And if you’re looking to speed up your fruit collection, remember the Alchemical Boosters. They’re your ticket to harvest Coin Fruits faster. These boosters aren’t elusive; you can buy them from Polendina’s shop or be on the lookout in the game world. Occasionally, the ethereal Dimensional Butterflies may drop them too.

Respeccing is a powerful tool, but remember, with great power comes, well, a greater need for strategy. While it’s tempting to shake things up often, be mindful. The Gold Coin Fruits are precious, and with each respec, their requirement increases. It’s always a balance: the freedom to evolve your character versus the resources it consumes. So, think twice, respec once.

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