How to scrap items in Marauders Guide

How to scrap items in Marauders

Do you love gun-shooting games and looting games? What if we tell you that you can enjoy both of these worlds in one game? 

Yes, you heard it right. There is a popular gun-shooting and looting game available for PC gamers out there. Marauders focus on using weapons and guns to raid spaceships for available resources and than extracting. It is a first-person tactical shooting game where you can work solo or in a four-member team. Your enemies can be either co-players or AI-generated. 

As the game focuses on looting for resources, inventory is a critical aspect of the gameplay. As a player, you should manage your inventory well. 

One of the most frequently asked questions by Marauders players is how to scrap their items. And to answer this, you can follow and read more about this article guide. 

Why Scrap Items in Marauders?

The game uses a crafting system to obtain essential items for your inventory. 

Materials appropriate for crafting are from the mission loot and scrapped items from your purchase with traders. By crafting these materials, you can get bags, shields, knives, helmets, bandages, ammo, weapons, and many more.  

Scrapping Items in Marauders

Scrapping Items in Marauders 1

To guide you on how to scrap items in Marauders, you can follow the steps presented below: 

Step #1: Identify Items You Can Scrap

In playing Marauders, you can obtain materials that are not necessary for your crafting items or missions. So if you don’t want a full inventory, it is better to scrap unused and useless items. 

Moreover, you can only scrap certain items in the game. For instance, all items classified as gear – such as helmets and guns – are suitable for scrapping. Meanwhile, you cannot scrap food, bandage, gun attachments, and ammo. Make sure that you do not scrape the best Marauders guns and weapons.

Step #2: Go to the Crafting Tab

After identifying the items you want to scrap, you might want to organize them by visually separating the items you want to keep and want to scrap. That way, scrapping materials will be more efficient and convenient. 

Then, you can proceed to the crafting tab and locate the recycling symbol in the middle of the tab. 

Step #3: Start Scrapping

On the crafting tab, drag the items you want to scrap into the recycling symbol located in the middle. To see the possible scraps you can get, you should drag and hold the items first before releasing them for scrapping. 

Each item you want to scrap has a chance of breaking down into different kinds of scrap, such as Junk Scrap, Metal Scrap, and Synthetic Scrap. 

Listed below are some of the items and their corresponding scrap chances: 

  • Light Bag – 70% synthetic scrap, 30% junk scrap
  • Combat Knife – 15% synthetic scrap, 15% metal scrap, 70% junk scrap
  • Civilian Helmet – 50% synthetic scrap, 50% junk scrap
  • M16 – 35% synthetic scrap, 35% metal scrap, 30% junk scrap
  • Blowtorch – 40% synthetic scrap, 35% metal scrap, 25% junk scrap
  • M1 Flak Vest – 75% synthetic scrap, 25% junk scrap
  • Pouch Rig – 70% synthetic scrap, 30% junk scrap
  • PPSH-41 – 35% synthetic scrap, 30% metal scrap, 35% junk scrap
  • M1A1 Para – 50% synthetic scrap, 50% metal scrap

As mentioned earlier, you can use these scrap items for crafting essential tools and weapons that could help you in your raid in space. 

Step #4: Maximize Trading for Scrapping Materials

This is not necessarily a step but a tip. If you have urgent items you need to craft, you can buy some materials in the trade, which you can break down into essential scrap items. 

There are cheap items you can buy on the trader, which generates good scrapping materials. If you don’t mind spending some money in-game, this process could be effective for you to obtain items through crafting.  

Scrap vs Selling Items

Scrap vs Selling Items Marauders

Most players have the dilemma of scrapping or selling their items. It is a strategy you should decide upon, depending on your priority in the game. An ideal gameplay would be to sell items when you are short in coins or scrap items when you are short in tools, weapons, and other resources. 

Some expert players recommend crafting Marauders Ships and items since you have plenty of opportunities to earn some coins in playing the game. Whatever your decision is, you should think carefully, so you will not regret it later on. 

Final Thoughts

Marauders is a gun-shooting and looting game set in space. And since raiding is a vital aspect of the game, managing your inventory is a must. One method of managing your inventory is through scrapping items. 

Scrapping items can help you craft tools, weapons, bandages, shields, bags, ammo, and more – which will be all beneficial in your Marauders journey. 

With the presented steps on how to scrap items in Marauders, hopefully, this article guide will help you in managing your inventory and making the careful decision of scrapping an item in the game. 

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