How to See the FPS Counter in the Finals

How to See the FPS Counter in the Finals

For anyone serious about competitive gaming, knowing your Frames Per Second (FPS) in ‘The Finals’ is pretty crucial. It gives you that edge, letting you know your game is running smooth. Let’s break down how you can keep an eye on those all-important FPS numbers without a fuss.

Using In-Game Shortcut for the Finals FPS

Using In-Game Shortcut for the Finals FPS

Getting the FPS count up in ‘The Finals’ is a breeze. Hit “Alt + R” while you’re in the game, and boom, the FPS counter pops up on the right side of your screen. This is super handy because you don’t need to mess around with any external apps or pause your game.

Accessing the Finals FPS via Steam

Accessing FPS via Steam

For the Steam gamers, checking your FPS is easy too. Just press “Shift + Tab” to open the overlay, then scoot over to ‘In-Game Settings’. There, you’ll find the option to turn on the FPS display. You can even tweak its position and color to make sure it doesn’t get in the way but is still easy to read. People say Steam’s FPS counter is pretty reliable, more so than other options out there.

But, heads up, early on, some players ran into issues with the Steam Overlay not playing nice with ‘The Finals’. This glitch meant the FPS counter and a few other features went MIA. The good news is, this should get sorted by the time the game fully launches.

Utilizing MSI Afterburner

If you’re the type who likes diving into the nitty-gritty of your GPU’s performance, MSI Afterburner is the way to go. Once you’re all set up, it doesn’t just show your FPS; it gives you a deep dive into how your setup’s running, which is gold for tweaking things to perfection.

Leveraging Windows Game Bar

Windows users, you’ve got a built-in option with the Game Bar. Hit “Windows button + G” while playing ‘The Finals’, and it’ll pop up. Head over to the Widget Menu, click on the Performance tab, and you might need to give it permission to run the first time. Might even need a quick reboot. But then, you’re all set to customize and keep that FPS counter up without having to open the Game Bar over and over.

Keeping that FPS counter on the screen means pinning it in the Game Bar, so it stays up even when you close the bar. This way, you can always have an eye on how ‘The Finals’ is running, letting you focus on playing your best.

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