How to See the FPS Counter in the Finals

How to See the FPS Counter in the Finals

When it comes to competitive gaming, every frame counts. That’s why monitoring your Frames Per Second (FPS) in ‘The Finals’ can provide you with the competitive edge you need. Here, we’ll dive into several foolproof methods to keep an eye on your FPS, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game.

Using In-Game Shortcut for the Finals FPS

Using In-Game Shortcut for the Finals FPS

Initiating the FPS counter within ‘The Finals’ can be achieved with ease. Simply press “Alt + R” during gameplay, and the counter will materialize on the right-hand side of your screen. This quick toggle allows for seamless integration without the need for external applications or interruptions.

Accessing the Finals FPS via Steam

Accessing FPS via Steam

For those utilizing Steam’s platform, the FPS counter is readily accessible. Press “Shift + Tab” to bring up the overlay, then find your way to the ‘In-Game Settings’. Within this menu, you have the option to activate the FPS display. Not only can you enable it, but you can also opt to place it in the top left corner of your screen with a high-contrast hue, ensuring it’s both unobtrusive and legible.

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Steam’s built-in tool for monitoring FPS is lauded for its precision. Compared to other market options, it’s said to offer a more trustworthy reading, ensuring that you’re getting accurate performance data.

It’s important to note that during the initial phases, players encountered hiccups with Steam Overlay while playing ‘The Finals’. These glitches led to the absence of several features, including the FPS counter. However, it’s expected that these kinks will be ironed out upon the the Finals full release.

Utilizing MSI Afterburner

If you’re seeking granular data direct from your GPU, MSI Afterburner stands as the recommended choice. Once set up, it allows you to view real-time performance stats, providing insights beyond just FPS, which can be pivotal for tuning your setup for optimal gaming performance.

Leveraging Windows Game Bar

Players on the Windows operating system have a native option as well — the Game Bar. By pressing “Windows button + G” while in the the Finals, the Game Bar is summoned. Navigate to the Widget Menu and select the Performance tab.

New users will be asked to grant permission for the feature, after which a system reboot may be required. After these steps, the FPS counter will be at your disposal, with customization options to suit your preferences.

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To keep the FPS count visible continuously, it’s essential to pin the feature within the Game Bar. This action prevents the counter from vanishing once the Game Bar is closed, giving you constant visibility into the the Finals performance without having to reopen the tool.

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