How To Solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle in Remnant 2

How To Solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle in Remnant 2

If you’re playing Remnant 2, you’ve probably encountered the intricate Water Harp Music Puzzle. While this enigma may initially seem challenging, a touch of persistence and the right guidance can make it simple to solve. This guide provides the key to unlocking this puzzle and helps you traverse the underwater bridge, battle bosses, and progress further in the game.

Understanding the Puzzle: The Water Harp Music Box

In the heart of Remnant 2, the Water Harp Music Puzzle adds a dash of mystery and adventure to your journey. The puzzle revolves around a large gear mechanism featuring eight inputs and multiple layers, each adorned with five pegs that you can maneuver up or down. The ultimate aim is to reveal a hidden underwater bridge, a gateway to further excitement.

Your interaction with the Pan Flutist and his captivating song plays a vital role in solving this puzzle. It is he who sets you on the quest “The Flautist,” with the objective of discovering a mighty entity residing in a nearby temple. Remember, unlocking this path demands the Great Water harp, an essential instrument for your puzzle-solving endeavor.

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How To Solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle

How To Solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle

Your journey to solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle begins with a reset: all pegs must be positioned down. As you prepare for this adventure, don’t forget to head up as high as you can go. This initial stage of the journey also involves discovering a new entrance, which will guide you through an intense area full of formidable foes. Fear not, though; this thrilling battle is a stepping stone to your puzzle’s solution.

To solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle in Remnant 2, you’ll need to follow a specific pattern with precision:

  • 1 note: 5th symbol
  • 2 note: Skip
  • 3 note: 4th symbol
  • 4 note: Skip
  • 5 note: 3rd symbol
  • 6 note: 4th symbol
  • 7 note: 1st symbol
  • 8 note: Skip

Upon successful completion of the Water Harp Music Puzzle, you activate a lever that raises a walkway. This walkway paves the way to a checkpoint that you’d previously discovered. Now, you have access to a drop-down point that marks the complete resolution of the puzzle. It’s time to brace yourself for an engaging inbox for this world and gear up for an epic battle with the main boss.

Once you’ve correctly entered the note combination, it’s time to pull the lever located on the left side of the music box mechanism. Upon pulling, the flute player’s melody will resound, confirming that you’ve solved the puzzle successfully. As the melody concludes, a bridge emerges from beneath the water near the lever, beckoning you to progress further in Remnant 2. Now, only one challenge remains: the face-off against the final boss.

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