How to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

How to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

“Legend of the Slime” is an intriguing game that captivates its players through strategic choices. One such crucial choice revolves around gem management. Mastering the art of spending these gems can be the difference between progressing swiftly and getting stuck. This guide provides a roadmap for making the most of your gems.

The Importance of Spending Gems Wisely

The Importance of Spending Gems Wisely

In “Legend of the Slime”, gems aren’t just shiny collectibles; they’re vital to your game progression. Mistakes in spending can set you back, especially as you venture into the mid-game phase. For instance, the “giant newbie” area, which many players tend to overlook, is a pivotal point where gem expenditure can dictate your success.

Three Ways to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

Three Ways to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime


One of the primary methods of spending gems is through summons. Initially, directing your gems towards summons, especially until reaching the Skilling companion levels of 7 and 8, is advisable. However, as you progress, especially around summoning levels eight and nine, this method may lose some of its efficiency.

League Tickets

League tickets provide another avenue for your gems. A balanced approach suggests not going beyond 1,000 gems for each ticket. Such expenditure allows you to consistently acquire the 50 hearts gem offer. However, it’s worth noting that striving for the top echelons of the Diamond League might not offer value proportional to the time and gems invested.

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Daily Store

Your daily store isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a strategic battleground. Refreshing here can cost 600 gems, a figure that might increase to 1,000 if you’ve been more liberal in the league. Storing a colossal number of Parts might seem like a good idea, but the best offers rarely exceed 15,000 parts.

Efficient Gem Spending Strategies

This area can be a game-changer if navigated correctly. It’s prudent to keep running this until each run dings your gem count by 1900. Simultaneously, keep an eye on the shop. Refresh and purchase until the price hits 1,000 gems. This approach offers you a solid chance at a victorious first-place finish and a handsome points haul.

Beyond the “giant newbie” zone, certain strategies can amplify your game’s success. Essential keys from the daily store, such as the Village boss and Dwarven keys, become pivotal. These not only compensate for the gems spent but also unlock vast avenues of progression, especially when combined with items like pickaxes and dynamite. Always remember, pacing is essential, and that sweet spot lies around the 1900 gem mark in the “giant newbie” area.

Essential Purchases in the Daily Store

Village Boss Keys: These keys are akin to a gem refund policy. They ensure you recover a portion of the gems expended on runs and refreshes.

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Village Keys: Want to scale your relics’ levels? Village Keys are your answer, ensuring that your progress remains on an upward trajectory.

Dwarven Keys: These are treasure troves in disguise, offering an abundance of both epic and lower summons. They are instrumental in carving your game’s success.

Mythic Items and End-Game Companions

In the vast cosmos of “Legend of the Slime”, Mythic items are like rare stars. Owning them can substantially amplify your damage output. Saving for these items, which often come with a hefty 30,000 points price tag in the shop, can provide a significant edge.

As the game unfolds, companions play a more significant role. The ultimate aim? Leveling them up to 10. Especially the Level 10 Exotic companions, which become crucial pillars in end-game strategies.

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