How to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

How to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

In “Legend of the Slime,” figuring out how to use your gems right is crucial. Gems are a big deal here, helping you move forward faster or, if you mess up, slowing you down. Let’s dive into how you can make your gems count.

The Importance of Spending Gems Wisely

The Importance of Spending Gems Wisely

Gems in this game are more than just pretty things; they’re key to getting ahead. Using them wrong, especially when you hit the mid-game and places like the “giant newbie” area, can really throw you off your game.

Three Ways to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

Three Ways to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime


Spending gems on summons is a solid move, at least until your Skilling companion hits levels 7 and 8. But after reaching higher summoning levels, this might not be the best bang for your buck.

League Tickets

Buying league tickets is another way to go. Stick to spending about 1,000 gems per ticket to stay in the sweet spot for getting those 50 hearts gem offers. Though trying to top the Diamond League sounds cool, the investment might not always match the payoff.

Daily Store

The daily store is where strategy meets shopping. Refreshing your store options can cost up to 600 gems, maybe even 1,000 if you’ve been splashing out on league tickets. While hoarding Parts seems tempting, the truly great deals usually cap at 15,000 parts.

Efficient Gem Spending Strategies

Navigating your spending here can really set you apart. Aim to spend around 1900 gems on each run and keep refreshing the shop until hitting a 1,000 gem spend per refresh. This tactic can help you nail that first-place spot and score big on points.

Post-“giant newbie” area, things like Village boss and Dwarven keys from the daily store become game-changers. These not only make up for your gem spends but also open up new progression paths, especially when paired with items like pickaxes and dynamite. Keeping your gem spend around 1900 here is key.

Essential Purchases in the Daily Store

  • Village Boss Keys: Think of these as a gem-saving grace, helping you claw back some of those spent gems.
  • Village Keys: These keys are crucial for boosting your relics and keeping your progress ticking upwards.
  • Dwarven Keys: Hidden gems (pun intended), these keys dish out epic summons and more, shaping your journey to success.

Mythic Items and End-Game Companions

Mythic items in “Legend of the Slime” are the game-changers, seriously boosting your damage output. Saving up for these, despite their hefty 30,000 points tag in the shop, can give you a serious edge. As the game progresses, leveling up your companions, especially to Level 10 for those Exotic ones, becomes crucial for dominating in the end-game.

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