How to Split Items and Ammo in Marauders

How to Split Items and Ammo in Marauders

If you love shooting games, such as the classic Call of Duty and Valorant, then, without a doubt, you will also love Marauders.  

Marauders, which basically means raiders, is a tactical first-person shooter game with player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) mode. The game focuses on looting resources, weapon modification, and third-person spaceship piloting and combat set in deep space. You can play the game solo or multiplayer with a maximum of four players. 

The game is set after The Great War when life on Earth is at the edge of extinction due to a battle of resources without law and order. Many have fled to space to look for resources. 

As a Marauder or a space mercenary, it is your goal to raid asteroid mines, space stations, deep space colonies, and other players’ spaceships for loot, gears, ammo, and upgrade items. 

If you are here, it means you are looking for some Marauders tips. In particular, you might want to know how to split items and ammo in your inventory. Fret no more since, through this article, you will get the answer to your question. 

Splitting Items and Ammo in Marauders

As the focus of the gameplay of Marauders is raiding spaceships for loot, in due time, you will have a stack of items in your inventory. Managing your inventory by splitting the items or ammo will come in handy when sharing items during crafting or selling them during trading. 

Unfortunately, inventory management is not included in the game’s beginner tutorial. And that’s probably why you are here. 

Splitting your items and ammo in Marauders is pretty straightforward and requires only a few steps. Follow the steps below for your guidance:

  1. Using the mouse’s left button, click the stack of items or ammo you want to split.
  2. Hold and drag the item or ammo into an empty slot in your inventory. 
  3. While still holding the mouse’s left button, press the ctrl button on the keyboard. 
  4. After pressing the ctrl button, you will see a window with a slider to select the number of items or ammo you want to split. 
  5. Slide the window’s sliders into the desired number of items or ammo you want to split, then click the split button. 

See, with these five easy steps, splitting stack items and ammo in Marauders requires no sweat. 

Note that as a looting game, the success of your raid might depend on how you manage your inventory. So, splitting the items and ammo is an important factor in the game. 


Marauders is a shooting and strategy game. Since it focuses on raiding for loot, managing the inventory is considered an essential factor for the game. Splitting items and ammo can help you prepare the inventory space for crafting some items and reduce unessential items from inventory. 

If you are a shooting game enthusiast, Marauders is an exciting and thrilling shooting game that involves not only guns but also spaceships and space adventures. With its incredible backstory and gameplay, more and more people are getting hooked on Marauders. 

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