How To Throw in Party Animals

How To Throw in Party Animals

Ah, the wild and whimsical world of Party Animals! Where our cute and quirky virtual critters can engage in hilarious brawls, all while defying the laws of physics. Among the various moves you can pull off, throwing stands out as a blend of comedy, strategy, and sheer chaos.

Whether you’re hurling objects across the arena or launching opponents into Party Animals oblivion, mastering the art of throwing can be the difference between victory and defeat.

How To Throw Items and Players In Party Animals

Basic Mechanics

Grabbing Objects or Opponents: At its core, the action is simple. Spot your target, be it an item or a feisty opponent, and move in for the grab. Now, this isn’t just any pick-up-and-go action. Oh no! With the quirky physics in play, even this basic step is packed with giggles and unexpected outcomes.

Moving Grabbed Targets at Will: Once you have a firm grip on your chosen “victim”, it’s almost like a dance. Move around, tease your opponents, or simply position yourself strategically. But remember, it’s not all fun and games. In the heat of a match, deciding where and when to move can be the key to outsmarting your rivals.

Control Schemes for Different Platforms

Keyboard and Mouse:
Grabbing and Throwing Controls: For those PC gamers out there, your trusty mouse is your best friend. A simple left-click and you’re locked in, gripping whatever (or whoever) you’ve decided to target. Ready to launch? The right-click is your catapult trigger.

Charging the Throw: Just like winding up for a pitch, holding that right-click charges up your throw. The longer you charge, the more momentum you build. It’s a satisfying sensation, releasing that button and watching your throw soar across the screen.

Controller (Xbox and Others):
Specific Button Functions for Grabbing and Throwing: Controllers bring a tactile feel to the game, with the RT button ensuring a solid grip, and the X button prepped for that epic throw in Party Animals.

Charging the Throw with Different Controllers: Just as with the mouse, holding down your throw button charges the action. The tactile feedback from a controller button can offer a unique thrill, making you feel connected to the in-game antics.

Advanced Throwing Techniques

Charging and Aiming the Throw: So, you’ve got the basics down. But if you want to reign supreme, it’s time to up your game. Charging is just the beginning. Adjust your stance, get a running start, and aim with precision. Release at the right moment, and you could send your opponents flying off the map, or strategically place objects where they’re needed most.

Using Rotation for Speed and Defense: Here’s a fun twist—literally. Spin around while gripping your target. It can be a strategic move to fend off attackers, but also, when you let go, it can send your object or opponent hurling at surprising speeds. However, be warned: the world might seem a tad dizzy after all that spinning.

Throwing Beyond Map Boundaries: If you want to be mischievously efficient, simply throw your opponents off the Party Animals map. It’s a cheeky way to reduce the competition. But beware, they might just return the favor!

Carrying and Dropping Opponents Near the Edge: If you’re not confident about a long throw, simply stroll to the edge and bid your opponent a swift goodbye by dropping them. Just be sure they don’t wriggle free and turn the tables on you!

Overcoming the Party Animals unpredictable physics can be a riot, but it also poses challenges. Enter the tutorial mode—a safe haven where you can practice to your heart’s content. From basic grabs to elaborate throws, hone your skills before diving into the real chaos.

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