How to Unlock and Use Cobra Shop in Dave the Diver

How to Unlock and Use Cobra Shop in Dave the Diver

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to Dave the Diver, getting to grips with the Cobra Shop is vital to enhancing your gameplay experience. As a unique feature, this shop offers a range of useful items exclusively for your diving expeditions. But remember, you need to make progress in Chapter 1 before it’s unlocked.

How to Unlock and Use Cobra Shop

To unlock the Cobra Shop in Dave the Diver, the game demands a bit of groundwork. It’s not immediately accessible – you’ll need to complete the intriguing quest named “Where the Currents Flow.” A task that involves gathering and delivering certain materials to Cobra for a drone repair. A fantastic immersion into the storyline, it’s part of what makes Dave the Diver so captivating.

Upon completing the “Where the Currents Flow” quest, your next stop is to head back to the boat. Once there, simply stand next to Cobra, the shop owner, and press the SPACE key. Voila! You’ve now gained access to the Dave the Diver Cobra Shop.

Operational Hours of the Cobra Shop

One key point to bear in mind about the Cobra Shop is its opening hours. Unfortunately, the shop isn’t open round-the-clock; it only operates during morning and afternoon hours. As the sun sets, you’ll find the shop closed for the day. But fear not, it’ll be open again the next morning for all your diving needs.

Overview of the Items Available at the Cobra Shop

The Cobra Shop is your go-to spot for all consumable items needed for your dive. From oxygen tanks to spare capsules, they’ve got you covered. However, you won’t find any permanent upgrades or weapons at this shop. For those, your best bet is the Weapon Shop app on the smartphone. So, while the Cobra Shop’s offerings might be limited, they’re practical and handy for all your immediate diving expeditions.

When it comes to using items purchased from the Cobra Shop, there are a few rules of thumb. Any item bought is only valid for dives on the purchase day. Unfortunately, they won’t carry over to the next day and will disappear from your inventory, even if not used. Hence, it’s wise to buy what you need for the day’s objectives. If you’re planning a deep dive, consider a bigger oxygen tank. For those unexpected occurrences, a spare capsule might be your best friend.

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