How To Unlock Pummarola In Vampire Survivors

How To Unlock Pummarola In Vampire Survivors

There are a ton of unique unlocks in Vampire Survivors. Both items and characters can be found as we engage with the game further. Pummarola may be one of the simpler ones to unlock, but we may still skip it accidentally. That’s why we are covering how to unlock Pummarola in Vampire Survivors.

What do you need to unlock Pummarola in Vampire Survivors?

Pummarola isn’t one of the items unlocked at the start in Vampire Survivors, so it will need some extra effort to acquire. This item is unlocked by surviving for 5 minutes with Gennaro Belpaese. Gennaro is unlocked by default but requires 500 gold to unlock.

After unlocking Gennaro, you can take him to any map and survive for 5 minutes. This shouldn’t be too difficult, considering problematic waves to any run come after the 10th minute. Gennaro is equipped with +20 health and +1 Amount, which is great for these early minutes, so you should have little issue.

Pummarola on maps

You can find Pummarola on certain maps. However, remember that finding Pummarola on any of the maps won’t unlock it. Only by fulfilling the requirement of surviving with Gennaro will do so. 

If you want to find Pummarola on a map, you should play Mad Forest or Moongolow maps. Both have the item available, indicating its location on the map. If you do not have a map, acquire the Milky Way Map from the Dairy Plant.

What is Pummarola in Vampire Survivors?

Pummarola in Vampire Survivors

Pummarola in Vampire Survivors is a simple passive item you can obtain. Once unlocked, it will likely show up during any level-up screen. Pummarola gives the player passive health regen, which comes in handy as a way to keep yourself topped up, but it also has another purpose.

You unlock the Soul Eater evolution if you get Garlic along with Pummarola. Soul Eater deals constant damage, debuffs knockback resistance, debuffs freeze resistance, leaves health pickups, and even grows in power the more you heal. In addition, it’s possible to get the Soul Eater’s area to a ludicrous size, leading to consistent ticks of damage on every enemy.

Other sources of health regen

Pummarola pairs well with other sources of passive regeneration. Combining it with them makes it easy to bounce back from mistakes and heal up even when a chunk of your health is missing.

Recovery PowerUp

The simplest way to increase Recovery is through the PowerUp menu. It’s the least efficient improvement of Recovery, but even a little bit will help early on. The more stacks you get, the closer your entire kit comes to bouncing back from smaller bumps of damage.

Scaling per Rank:

  • Rank 1: 0.1
  • Rank 2: 0.2
  • Rank 3: 0.3
  • Rank 4: 0.4
  • Rank 5: 0.5

Bonuses from Characters

As with every other stat, certain characters affect the stat positively. Regarding Recovery, there are a few choices for both immediate bonus and stacking gain. Let’s go over all of them quickly.

Characters that grant Recovery:

  • Clerici: +0.5 Recovery 
  • Minnah: +0.5 Recovery
  • Divano: +1.0 Recovery
  • Smith: +0.01 Recovery every level (stacks indefinitely)
  • Cosmo: +1.0 Recovery, +1.0 Recovery every level (stacks indefinitely)
  • Sigma: +3.0 Recovery

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