How To Unlock Secret Characters In Vampire Survivors

How To Unlock Secret Characters In Vampire Survivors

Vampire survivors is a game that has been taking Steam by storm thanks to its quality arcade actions and character developments. With its engrossing gameplay options and combined smash hits, players have been dealing with certain characters that can help them gain points to be at a higher level. 

The characters in vampire survivors have unique starting gameplay and weapons that make it more interesting as you discover more about what it can do in the game. Furthermore, these characters have abilities to give you progress and do better in wielding all weapons they can handle. However, unlocking secret characters is so interesting and the details below on how to unlock it can be of great help. 

Unlocking Secret Characters In Vampire Survivors

Unlocking secret characters in vampire survivors comes with meeting all requirements needed. Leveling up to certain levels, owning gears and other items, slaying a quota master, finding few items, and many other requirements to meet. Some of the requirements can be confusing but you can read a few down below on how to unlock secret characters in vampire survivors.

Cosmo Pavone

Cosmo Pavone In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: Unlocked Zi’ Assunta Balpese and Yellow sign 

Unlocking Method: Choose and complete Capella Magna Stage. Use Peachone and Ebony wings as your two main weapons. Ensure to enter the Capella Magna Stage using a character that does not have any golden eggs. Locate and collect Nduja Fritta Tanto to be used as an opener to the nearby gate that leads to where the Cosmo Pavone. Grab or collect the Cosmo Pavone and this will directly unlock the character. 

Queen Sigma

Queen Sigma In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: None

Unlocking Method: Collect all 124 collectible items in the collection entry screen or tab.

Big Trouser

Big Trouser In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisite: Unlocked Moonglow Stage

Unlocking Method: Collect all items in the Moonglow and be ready to leave the stage when the reaper comes into the game. 

Red Death

Red Death In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: None

Unlocking Method: Kill the reaper that wants your soul within 15-30 minute time. The perfect weapons to use in this stage are Clock Lancet and Laurel shield.

Red Death uses the death spiral as its starting weapon. It is the tankiest secret character in the whole Vampire Survivor game. It also has the highest number or ability in terms of the move speed. For this reason, unlock this character to have better achievements in the game while trying to assemble evolved weapons that will require you to find loot for Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud. 

Gains Boros

Gains Boros In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: Unlock the Bone Zone

Unlocking Method: Venture the Bone Zone level and search for a flower ring that can heal your character. Wait for about ten seconds and you’ll be able to unlock the Gain Boros.


Peppino In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: None

Unlocking Method: In the stage selection, choose O’Sole Meeo and Il Molise. Heal the plants in this stage using the starting weapon – doggie [the farting flowers]. To fully unlock the character, heal the plans by 100 000 health points.


Leda In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: None

Unlocking Method: Defeat the strange boss named Leda that comes after you to unlock this character. Basically, the strange boss will appear at the top of the tower and then slowly go down with the music. It may take some time, but Leda will come closer as the light begins to fade one by one. Bear in mind that Leda only appears in the dark. Once the music fades and the lights are out, kill the boss and the character is then unlocked. 

Leda is one of the two big bosses in the Vampire Survivors that once defeated can be a character that will defeat enemies in the succeeding levels. Its starting weapon is Holy Wand which enables it to have s significant armor boost. 

Minnah Mannarah 

Minnah Mannarah In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: Yellow Sign item

Unlocking Method: A certain cheese piece will appear on the Dairy level and will be ready for pickup. Once you pick it up wolves will then show up. Your task is to kill or defeat all these wolves and Minnah Mannarah will be unlocked.

Boon Marrabio 

Boon Marrabio In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: 1oo floor chickens achievements

Unlocking Method: Venture the Mad Forest and a Shadowy boss will appear after you pick up the Pummarola and Skill O’Maniac. Pies will begin to appear on a certain path that leads to where the Shadowy boss is. Your task is to defeat the Shadowy boss to unlock the character. 

Boon Marrabio’s starting weapon is the Thousand Edge. Thus, this character has the ability to perform unique twists because of the low starting Projectile speed. A thousand edges will then shoot in the other direction but can be easily changed by increasing your projectile speed or purchasing speed powerups in the main menu. 

Smith IV

Smith IV  In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: Both the Toastie and Exdash must be unlocked.

Unlocking Method: Try spam in the main menu tab and you’ll have 30 seconds to write spam in the character selection tab. Be sure to select a random character, type spam in the stage selection screen, enter run, and lastly write humbug. This character is inspired by The Matrix series’ Agent Smith. 


Toastie In Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: Unlock The Exdash

Unlocking Method: You have to defeat one of these three: Stalker [green], Drowner [Blue, one that always spawns at the bottom of the map], and Trickster [pink]. After defeating one of them, Toastie will then appear at the bottom. Be sure to press down + Enter to unlock the character.

Toastie’s starting weapon is the Peachone and base statistics shows that it uses 1HP during every match as its starting power. It does have a heightened luck which shows some potential to cause more damage and critical hits on the enemies.

Exdash Exiviiq

Exdash Exiviiq in Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: None

Unlocking Method: Type x-x1viiq on the keyboard as fast as you can while being in the main menu. You will then hear a jingle that would mean that you already unlocked Exdash Exiviiq.

Exdash uses Ebony Wings as its starting weapon. However, Exdash’s stats show that they are far from ideal for there is a decrease in the levels of its max health and projectile speed during attacks and duels. Luckily, its heightened luck boosts the respawn of the light sources, increases the potential during landing hits, and other beneficial attack options. 


Gyorunton in Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: None

Unlocking Method: Select the boss rush in ‘one weapon’ mode and do your best to last for at least 15 minutes. After which, Gyorunton is now unlocked and ready to be of great use during the next levels. 


Random in Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: None

Unlocking Method: Look for a coffin on a stage and open it up. It is ideal to open the ones that are already opened before. 


missingNO in Vampire Survivors

Pre-Requisites: Unlock the Yellow Sign

Unlocking Method: Enter the Green Acres stage in a hyper and hurry mode. Head straight toward the southwest direction until the environment changes. Large-winged-eye enemies or creatures will then appear and attack you. Ensure to defeat 128 of them to unlock the Pokemon-like character. 

The Main Characters Of Vampire Survivors

The cast listed above as one of the secret characters in vampire survivors is not as good or as well-rounded compared to the main characters. It is also one of the reasons why it gets a little harder to unlock them. Furthermore, pursuing these secret characters might take a lot of time but what you should focus on is how to level up your existing characters. 

To name a few, Leda and Red Death are two characters that are difficult to unlock so be sure to have an ample amount of time when you want to get these characters. It may be drizzling to think about the number of secret characters available in Vampire Survivors. As mentioned above, there are lots of them to unlock or explore further before you become a top-tier player in this game. Here are the main characters in Vampire Survivors that can do the work in the various quests:

  • Arca
  • Cavallo
  • Dommario
  • Imelda
  • Mortaccio
  • Poe
  • Pugnala

Imelda is the starting Character that can be used to unlock Arca and Poe. These three are the characters that can easily be unlocked by a player. Use them to collect the other four as listed above. Here’s a little overview of what these characters can do:


As mentioned above, Imelda is a starting character in Vampire Survivors that uses a Magic Wand as its starting weapon. The magic wand automatically fires at the closest enemy within its perimeter. Imelda’s ability reaches up to 10% experience gain in every five accomplished levels until it reaches level 15. 


Arca is a character that slightly looks like Castlevanis’s Alucard. It uses a Fire Wand as its starting weapon during battles on certain levels. It shoots fireballs at a random enemy that passes through its perimeter. The character has experience gains of about -5% [the delay between or during weapon attacks] in every 10 levels and has a maximum of -15% with a 10% damage output or what is called the ‘damage output’ in the game.


Poe is a feeble old man that makes up for his slow movements by using Garlic as his starting weapon. Garlic is quite a powerful weapon that keeps the enemies at a certain distance and increases the knockbacks while decreasing the freeze resistance at a certain game level. And yes, Poe does have a lower health level in comparison to Imelda and Arca. Nevertheless, Poe starts with a 25% bonus to Magnet or the pickup radius. 

Unlocking Both The Main And Secret Characters

Learning how to unlock both the main and secret characters can do vast changes in the levels and your ability as a game player in Vampire Survivors. When you venture around the quests within the game, it is ideal to have a certain character that matches the level you are in. When you first start in the lower level, expect to have characters that are somehow powerful on certain levels using their starting weapons in defeating the enemies.

In each playthrough, both the character and weapons need upgrades because the enemies’ attacks are much stronger than in the previous levels. Using just one or two characters to move forward along the levels is disadvantageous. What’s more? You will never be able to reach a certain kill count while using a character that doesn’t match the level, power, and skills needed to accomplish such a level. 

Therefore, unlocking both the main and secret characters do more than just earn points and kill counts. One can have upgrades and collect items that can influence the characters to be much stronger and defeat the enemies in one single blow. Thus, each character has pros and cons that are or can be of great use at a certain level for you to accomplish all tasks within that level.

You can unlock these characters by meeting the requirements or prerequisites needed in unlocking them. Yes, starting weapons can be used during the tasks. And after which, you can focus on developing your skills in defeating enemies by upgrading your weapons and earning a few points to buy another one in the main menu. 

However, there are characters that might be harder to unlock because of certain requirements. It is ideal to understand the whole concept and tasks of a certain level to unlock the character that you wish to have. You can also follow the steps above on how to unlock them. In a little while, you can easily use the character on the next levels after unlocking it. 

Embark on a journey within the Vampire Survivors owning various characters that can defeat the enemies in no time. Characters that have valuable critical hits, maximum speed, power boosts, and other beneficial abilities to defeat the undead. With this, the story will have a great turn of events and you will be at your desired level in no time.

Of course, while the gameplay is ideal for everyone. It will always be good to know a few tricks on how to unlock and own a new character that will benefit you in the whole game. Unlock the secret characters to aid the main ones in Vampire Survivors. 

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