How to Unlock the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors have been stirring interest from players of various ages – making it one of the games of this time. The very nature of the game is that a number of enemies (the walking dead or vampires) will constantly approach the player making it hard to defeat them.

Basically, the player needs to adapt and stay on track with the changing environments and be focused on what their character is dealing with among the loud on-screen visual noises. 

The longer a player stays on the track the more he needs to be focused amidst the clutter and loud visual noises surrounding him. Thus, visual information will bombard the screen making it more challenging to keep moving. So, staying focused on your character will help in gaining more points to have that weapon to defeat the undead. 

The question now is How to unlock the victory sword in Vampire Survivors?

Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors

Victory Sword is a weapon that a player would want to have during his quest inside the game. Thus, it is the starting weapon for Queen Sigma. To own it, one must defeat 100, 000 enemies in a single run to ensure that one weapon in the whole series. 

Moreover, it is a weapon you can have in the released Vampire Survivors Patch 0.11. Basically, it can be hard to unlock it but you can always figure it out by following the steps below:

  1. Defeat 100 000 enemies with a single run in Queen Sigma
  2. Be at Level 99 with Suor Clerici
  3. Complete the collection

Queen Sigma is a whole new character in Vampire Survivors in which one must complete the whole run to unlock the victory sword. There is a character portrait that will tell you that you already completed the game and that is simply ‘Queen Sigma’.

Thus, “complete the collection” means that you should collect all collectible items in the game to be fully eligible to open or unlock the victory sword. 

Of course, the collection might take a little time but with constant pace and strategies, one will be able to collect all 124 collectible items – weapons, evolutions, units, passives, and Arcanas needed to successfully unlock Queen Sigma.

After successfully unlocking, go to Gallo Tower bringing all the modes you have, and unlock the Victory Sword. Note that Gallo Tower is a place with tons of easy-kill enemies that can help you rack up your kill count. Basically, one can easily kill enemies while having his level a bit higher.

Victory Sword – Facts and Levels

Victory Sword is one good weapon to defeat enemies in Vampire Survivors. It slashes six times around the enemy making an instant kill that helps in racking up the kill count of the player. At level 8, it will be able to resist damages by halves and has a 10% chance of occurring. In this level, the finisher is activated making five vertical slashes that instantly kill the enemy. Victory Sword can attack and defeat depending on all the variables that exist within the game. Moreover, it all depends on how the player handles or maneuvers the weapon itself.

Selecting Slash XVI Arcana allows the Victory Sword to be on Level 8 and have certain abilities to defeat the enemies in a short period of time. Thus, it helps the victory sword to increase its damage on the opposing side making the most kills in the game. Here is a little overview of the levels that you might encounter in the whole game:

  • Level 1 – Strikes with a combo attack to nearby enemies and it also retaliates when being attacked. 
  • Level 2 – Fires another projectile
  • Level 3 – Base damage increases by five and base area reach 20%
  • Level 4 – Additional one projectile.
  • Level 5 – Base damage increases by ten and base area reach 20%
  • Level 6 – Fires another projectile.
  • Level 7 – Base damage increases by ten and base area reach 20%
  • Level 8 – Unlocks the critical damage ability of the sword and a combo finisher.
  • Level 9 – Base damage increases by ten.
  • Level 10 – Cooldowns by 0.3 seconds.
  • Level 11 – Cooldowns by 0.3 seconds. 
  • Level 12 – Cooldowns by 0.3 seconds.

As one of the first weapons in Vampire Survivors, knowing how to unlock the sword is way beneficial to playing the game. Thus, it will surely help in going up to the levels and having that kill count unlock other weapons as well. 

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